Maintaining Effective Fire Safety And Security In ‘The New Normal’

As lockdown measures continue to be eased and more sectors open up (bring on 4th July for the hospitality sector,) we all must adapt to the ‘new normal.’

Whilst security and fire safety measures may not seem high on the list to other worries and responsibilities, it’s arguably more important than ever to ensure a smooth transition, both for the staff of businesses reopening and those seeking to benefit.

The new guidance on social distancing, on overall reduced travel and a continuing threat of second wave, means we all have to tread carefully to ‘protect what’s precious.’ And this is certainly felt by the fire and security industry.

Across all sectors, from hospitality to commercial, we are looking at ways to help businesses embrace fever screening solutions and latest fire safety and security technology, including more compliant visual surveillance opportunities to keep staff and customers safe.

Likewise, we are carefully following industry guidance on approach to ‘the new normal.’ We particularly focus on details from BAFE, which has welcomed the Government’s recent launch of the new one metre plus rule (in England,) “to help in the continuation of the fire safety industry gaining access to buildings to perform essential fire safety work and maintenance as required by legislation.”

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal Fire & Security: “After such a considerable time in lockdown, we are receiving more enquiries from Facility Managers looking to create safe and secure ‘return to work environments.’ Equally, we are delighted for our hospitality customers, that it has been deemed safe for re-opening from 4th July. We wish them all every success.

“We will be working closely with each to ensure security and fire safety is maintained to the highest priority, both for the benefit of returning staff and guests.”

“And with the requirements for security and fire safety under constant review, we are following Government and industry guidance that will assist us to continue with care and due diligence. We have also been working closely with our suppliers, driving innovations in security to ensure we can offer the necessary solutions quickly and efficiently, especially when it comes to fever screening and compliant surveillance technology to implement continued and safe social distancing as necessary.”