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Intruder alarm systems can give you invaluable peace-of-mind and security for your business or property, and could even get you a premium discount on insurance. Business alarm systems can range from a standalone unmonitored alarm and detection system, and scale up to integrated, remotely monitored site-wide systems with immediate police response.

Amthal Fire & Security is certified by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) to design, install and maintain Intruder Detection Systems, so you know you will get a high standard of service and expertise.

Amthal designs intruder alarm systems specifically to your property’s needs, working with a portfolio of trusted partners to bring you the best protection. For example, we work with Texecom thanks to its in-depth end-user research. The company’s research resulted in a clear gap between what end-users want and what typical intruder alarm systems deliver. Texecom used this insight to create an innovative product portfolio that is accessible and user-friendly.

Your business might benefit from both a burglar alarm and CCTV system, but our experts will be able to advise.

We start with an individual survey of your site, so that we can get the best understanding of the type of intruder alarm and detection system you’ll need, as well as any unique capabilities that will be useful in keeping your property secure.

A remotely monitored site, for example, can use a site warning device (e.g. lights or audible alarms) where relevant, as well as an alarm transmission system (ATS). The ATS will transmit an alert to a continuously-manned alarm receiving centre (ARC), which will be able to access information to check on events at your site, from hardware such as cameras or microphones. If the system and site have a police unique reference number (URN), which Amthal can help with during the design phase, the ARC can even directly request an immediate police response where relevant.

In retail or banking environments, a panic alarm (PA) or hold up alarm can provide a subtle, quick and safe way to trigger external response without putting personal or guests and customers in danger. Such systems can also protect businesses that require lone workers, meaning that even if they are physically alone in a building, they have the assurance of remote monitoring being present if a situation were to arise.

For sites with high-value goods, a fog system can be an effective additional tool in your security arsenal, effectively debilitating an intruder from carrying out their robbery by obscuring your assets from view. The time bought from obscuring the scene with fog can give you time to instigate other systems and alerts in order to apprehend the intruder safely and can limit the financial impact of an intrusion.

This video shows off some of our highly customizable systems. We work closely with our partners at Texcom to bring you products and services you can rely on.



Amthal Fire & Security is known for its expertise in designing, installing and maintaining intruder alarm systems. It has been commissioned across a wide variety of contracts to create bespoke solutions to individual security needs, including modern office locations across multiple sites, and high-end retail locations, such as a specialist bike retailer or a car showroom.

Find out how your business could benefit from a high-quality security system.

If you are looking for a home alarm system, we have put together some useful tips to help you choose the best option for your house.

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