Amthal delivers for commercial kitchen operations across the UK

Amthal is operating with a leading supplier of commercial kitchens to overhaul its fire safety and complete security measures to ensure restaurant teams can access their facilities and operate 24 / 7 in a safe and secure environment.

Providing commercial ‘delivery-only’ kitchens, offers sites ready to support businesses as prep-and-delivery fulfilment centres.  This allows food, takeaway, convenience stores and restaurant operators to focus on creating fresh, chef-cooked meals quickly and efficiently to send out for home delivery.

With 24 / 7 access provision to the kitchens, security, fire safety and infrastructure is essential to maintain at a premium level. Amthal was able to offer a full risk assessment and installation, maintenance and monitoring of smart options for the benefit of facility and management teams, at sites across the UK.

As the Head of Facilities Operations at the Commercial Kitchens facility explains: “Food delivery continues to reshape the restaurant industry, we are seeing increasing demand for our commercial kitchen operations across the UK.  As we grow to accommodate, we need to ensure every facility offered is safe and secure, hence working with specialists, Amthal.

“Amthal has been great in partnering with us to visit every site, ensuring fire safety and security measures at each one is bespoke in its design and installation to suit the property requirements.  The integration of the access control, CCTV, intruder and fire safety measures also makes monitoring the sites must more manageable, and means we can respond quickly if a situation arises.”

The security system incorporated smart Salto access control technology, with a bespoke CCTV camera solution to track movement and occupancy management, access control and intruder alarm.  Fire safety and emergency lighting was also required to maintain standards of compliance with latest legislation.

Each was strategically installed throughout every site and networked, whilst being operated via mobile so that management teams could gain necessary access as and when required, even whilst not on site.

Steve Holdway, Amthal Account Manager added: “With restaurant deliveries continuing to soar, an entirely new delivery and takeout business model emerged. Enter a UK wide operator of commercial kitchen facilities – optimised for delivery and purposely positioned in busy neighbourhoods, with high demand for food deliveries.

“With speed being of the essence, right from when the order comes through to sending out for delivery, with no compromise on quality, it is essential to offer the right equipment in a safe and secure environment.  This is where an integrated smart security and fire safety system, installed and maintained by Amthal ensures optimum performance and a successful and smooth running operation.”