Amthal heads up CCTV installation for global HVAC leader

A world-leading supplier of HVAC equipment with sites based across the UK, has entrusted its complete IP CCTV systems and staff security with Amthal Fire & Security.

As one of the world’s leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical products and systems, the company supports over 700 staff members acting as a dedicated support network to present complete design flexibility and provide the perfect internal environment for every building type.

Working closely with the Facilities team on site, the new IP CCTV system is part of an ongoing maintenance contract with Amthal to ensure security arrangements are maintained to the highest level and upgraded quickly where required.

Speaking of the close working partnership and system installation, a representative said: “The CCTV system plays a significant role across our site operations and assists with staff safety, site health and safety, security, monitoring and incident management.   We made the decision to replace our old CCTV cameras with high definition IP models to utilise the latest technology.

“Working closely with Amthal, our security partner, ensured a smooth transition where we could create a phased programme of works across our sites. The team visited each site individually and worked out the design specification that could accommodate requirements, leaving our headquarters until last to integrate the monitoring.  Our security personnel are now able to view 24/7 the superb quality images captured by the cameras on monitors at our central control room, or on a remote basis”.

Amthal worked with the team right from the specification and initial design of the IP CCTV systems across each site individually, choosing an advanced Samsung solution, distributed by ADI Global.  The installation programme of works was coordinated to ensure minimal impact on daily operations for staff and visitors.

David Williamson, Sales Manager at Amthal added: “IP video surveillance is quickly becoming the standard for video surveillance, especially for businesses who own multiple sites. With advanced technological features and scalability, it was the perfect solution to accommodate its role within the security portfolio.

“In this particular example, we have worked with the facilities team for a number of years, and hence to understand their requirements and design the system around those needs. The programme of works could be carried out quickly and effectively, and the result is a seamless system that can be monitored at any time, from anywhere in the world.”