Amthal Plants Seeds of High-Performance Security for Hertfordshire Garden Centre

Amthal’s Security Solutions at Hertfordshire Garden Centre

Amthal has worked with Hertfordshire Garden Centre to install additional IP CCTV across its retail site and upgrade existing systems, including its intruder alarm solution, for the safety and security of staff and visitors.

Based in Redbourn on the outskirts of St Albans, Hertfordshire Garden Centre is a small, independent retail premises, serving as a cherished hub for home and gardening enthusiasts.

Amthal has worked closely with the team to ensure a secure operation, most recently adding IP CCTV and an updated intruder alarm system.  Enabling staff to work in a safe environment and visitors to explore, learn and purchase with complete peace of mind.

Collaborative Security Implementation

Says Graham Armstrong, Owner of Hertfordshire Garden Centre: “Faced with the cost of living crisis and a corresponding surge in shoplifting, security of our site is definitely a top priority.  But it’s not solely the Police’s job to look after us, we have to take proactive responsibility for our staff and our visitors, without compromising our friendly and welcoming environment. 

“We have worked in partnership with Amthal, as a local company that fully understands the brief.  The team has consistently delivered great service and has shown to be knowledgeable and helpful at all times.  Installations and upgrade work programmes have occurred with minimal disruption to the daily operations of our retail site.  It all comes together for our staff and visitors to know they are in a secure garden centre world.”

Enhanced Surveillance Capabilities

Amthal has recently added over 20 IP cameras and upgraded the existing visual verification systems, allowing management and security to review activity throughout the premises in real-time and empowering personnel to respond promptly to any potential incidents.

Advanced CCTV Integration

The addition of a new monitored intruder alarm solution is geared to quickly detect any breach and provide advanced security against unauthorised access attempts.

Says Jacki Adams, Installation Supervisor at Amthal Fire & Security: “In the current climate, retail crime has hit record levels, increasing by more than a third over the past year alone.  What Hertfordshire Garden Centre demonstrates is by taking a proactive approach to enhancing the security infrastructure on-site, they are doing all they can to protect teams and visitors. 

“What it also shows is the importance of reviewing security on a regular basis with the help of a trusted partner such as Amthal.  We are able to identify the opportunities for extended CCTV coverage and upgrade systems in place to ensure comprehensive surveillance and monitoring capability.  Here, the move reflects a commitment to creating a safe and secure haven for all home and gardening enthusiasts.”