Commercial Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Protection

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & London

Amthal Fire & Security’s fire protection services and solutions are designed to prevent fire, detect heat and smoke, and contain incidents to provide time for escape. 

Our professional services team uses the most sophisticated fire detection and suppression technologies to protect your property.

They can take your project from the initial Fire Risk Assessment through to the design and installation of your system. Then, once your fire protection system is in place, Amthal offers service and maintenance contracts, to ensure compliance with latest the standards and uninterrupted business operations.

Amthal Fire & Security is committed to proving its expertise on fire safety products and services by maintaining the top-level certifications and accreditations. As well as being listed on the BAFE Fire Safety Register and part of the UK’s Fire Industry Association (FIA), we have also achieved UKAS product certification for our fire detection and alarm systems. To read more on Amthal’s credentials, including certification to ISO 9001, Safe Contractor-approval and CHAS contractor accreditation, visit our accreditations and standards page.

At Amthal Fire & Security, we can help with:

  • Fire Risk Assessments – a detailed assessment of your building, which identifies what you need to do to prevent fire and keep people safe. These are essential for compliance with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO)
  • Fire detection systems and fire alarms – We can design and install conventional or addressable fire alarm systems, including fire alarm panels; fire detection devices, such as smoke or heat detectors; fire alarm sounders and flashers and manual call points. We’ll help you understand the best system and configuration for your needs and can provide weekly or monthly testing
  • Emergency lighting Ensure a safe and timely escape with an emergency lighting system, even in the event of a power cut. Weekly or monthly light flick tests help to ensure the integrity of the system is maintained
  • Aspirating systems – Aspirating Smoke Detection systems (ASDs) are used to detect fire at a very early stage, giving ample time for escape and minimising damage to buildings or equipment. These are ideal for high risk areas where downtime for false alarms or fire damage could be very costly
  • Fire extinguishers We supply, install, service & remove/dispose of fire extinguishers. There are different types of fire extinguishers available, and it’s vital that you possess the correct type(s) for the risks that exist in the building you manage. We can consult on your needs to help you adhere to Fire Safety Laws in the UK
  • Dry Risers – Dry Risers provide access to large quantities of water for the emergency services in the event of a fire. We can perform an annual pressure test and a bi-annual visual inspection of each riser stack
  • Sprinkler systems – We can design and install fire sprinkler systems for commercial or residential installations, including mains and pump-fed systems, which suppress fire if it breaks out
  • Smoke ventilation and AOVs Smoke ventilation systems and automatically opening vents (AOVs) will open when triggered by heat or smoke detectors, allowing for the natural ventilation of air and smoke. We carry out monthly inspections to ensure the continued operation of your system
  • Fire Door Testing as part of a holistic approach to fire safety, we can carry out annual inspections on fire doors to ensure doors are still compliant and fit for purpose


Amthal Fire & Security has helped countless businesses and building owners to protect their property and ensure the safety of staff and visitors, customers, guests, students, tenants and other building users.

Projects with the design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of fire protection solutions have included: hotels, schools, offices, residential properties and mixed-use developments, and more. To see the full range of use cases, check out our case studies page.

You can read all our latest ‘fire’ news, including:

To see how Amthal Fire & Security can support you with fire protection solutions, get in touch by phone free on 0800 093 7818 or email.