COVID-19 Return to Work Service Solutions

COVID-19 Return to Work Service Solutions

With organisations preparing to have staff return to work over the coming weeks, many are working on how to make offices and sites safer and more secure while COVID-19 persists. Amthal is now offering advice and service support on bespoke solutions to create a safe working environment.

So, what technologies and solutions are available to help create a safer return to work after lockdown?

People counting systems for controlled return to work and safe capacity
In line with Government guidance on self-distancing, employers need to ensure limited numbers of employees are in an office or on-site at any given time.  Amthal offers the latest people counting systems that can be incorporated into CCTV technology, to monitor and track the number of people present in real time, ensuring your building remains at a safe capacity.

Body temperature measurement systems
Installing a body temperature measurement system will not only help keep staff safe, but also provide a significant reassurance to them that the management of the return to work has been handled with their safety as a top priority.

Using the latest in thermal camera technology, body temperature measurement systems offer fully contactless, accurate and fast fever detection, and can be integrated into a wide array of sites. Cameras can be mounted on walls, ceilings or tripods to make them extremely easy to install and able to be deployed rapidly.

Access control temperature monitoring systems integrate facial recognition with body temperature monitoring, allowing non-contact access to reduce cross-infection. With large, compliant storage capability of face images and temperature information for easy back-tracking, it ensures fast access to prevent congestion.

Additional safety and security measures
Revised business operations may mean sites need to be closed or adapted, which could require additional security, lock changes or goods moved to another location. Use remote access control solutions that allow entry for authorised personnel only to support business continuity, and also lone workers, monitoring to help support their safety as well as social distancing protocols.

Social Distancing Signage and Screens
Install social distancing signage that shows required direction of travel, distancing and queue locations, especially around places where staff might gather, like coffee machines and kitchen areas.

Protective hygiene screens can also be fitted to create barriers between desks, at point of sale and reception sites.  These are especially in commercial, retail and hospitality environments where it is important to maintain high-quality building aesthetics and a superior welcoming experience for building visitors.

Please get in touch with Amthal to learn more about our COVID-19 Return to Work Service Solutions.

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