New London Fire Brigade Response Protocol for Automatic Fire Alarms

Beginning in October 2024, the London Fire Brigade (LFB) will change its response protocol for automatic fire alarms in non-residential buildings. This new approach, which affects daytime hours, requires a confirmed fire call for LFB attendance.
Key Changes
From October 1, 2024, the LFB will no longer automatically respond to automatic fire alarms in most non-residential buildings, including offices and industrial estates, during daytime hours unless a fire is confirmed by a call from an individual.
At this stage for multi-use buildings, if an alarm affects sleeping accommodation or other exempt premises, we understand the LFB will respond.  Responsible Persons will need to communicate the specific nature of multi-use buildings to the nominated Alarm Receiving Centres.
Schools will receive responses during the day even if unoccupied. Premises involving animals are not automatically exempt unless specific risks are identified locally. Any signs of fire should be reported on an alarm activation.
For commercial properties with no apparent fire, the LFB will not attend.
What You Need to Do

Amthal is working with Responsible Persons and its customers to highlight sites which will be impacted by the new policy. This includes conducting fire risk assessments and ensuring testing is completed with system management in line with the latest legislation. 
With Amthal’s support, the latest fire safety systems such as Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services and Nimbus fire protection can be implemented to enhance monitoring, allowing Responsible Persons to monitor sites remotely via cloud technology. 
This will enable instant reporting to LFB, including the ability to distinguish between false alarms and confirmed fires.   
Next Steps
The transition period before the new policy takes effect is crucial for ensuring compliance.
Amthal is offering extensive support to ensure all customers are well-prepared for these changes. This proactive approach will help mitigate risks, ensure safety for all sites, and full clarity before the introduction of the new protocols.
Says Deane Sales, Amthal Group Sales Director: “Amthal is committed to keeping our customers informed about critical changes in fire safety protocols and supporting transitions necessary to ensure preparations are made. By leveraging advanced fire safety technology and providing comprehensive support, we aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for all affected parties. Our goal is to maintain the highest standards of safety and compliance.”