5 Components Of A Fire Control System For Commercial Properties

A fire outbreak can strike at any time, and anywhere. Not only does it cause property damage, but it can also lead to injuries and the loss of revenue and lives. For this reason, it’s imperative for any commercial property to place a robust fire protection system in place which complies with relevant building regulations.

When it comes to safety measures, it’s best to install and maintain protection systems that quickly and efficiently work against an outbreak. If you aren’t sure of what is needed for your business, here are five key components of a fire control system for your commercial property:

  1. Fire alarms

One of the most obvious and probably the most important. Even before your operations begin and your building occupants start moving, fire alarms are there to provide a warning. There are a wide array of devices available on the market, those that make a sound as soon as they detect the presence of smoke or heat. With the audible (or even visible) alarm, employees can quickly evacuate while the internal fire marshalls perform safety measures and any suppression tools start to activate. Despite these basic measures, it’s still imperative to orient and train employees on how to proceed in case of an emergency.

  1. Fire extinguisher

Something that we’ve all seen and many have used.  A basic protection device used to stop a small, localised fire before it gets out of control and escalates into a major outbreak.. Along with the installation of the required amount and class of extinguisher, is the regular checking of the device (performed by a qualified inspector). Without extinguishers placed in the right areas of your establishment, you can and will be penalised with a hefty fine. For this reason, be sure to have the right units, in the right locations.

  1. Fire blankets

This is a safety device designed to stop emerging fires – often in kitchens – it is a sheet placed over a flame to smother and suppress it. In the UK, many commercial buildings do have one or more fire blankets because they are deemed a basic safety requirement in any commercial property, similar to an extinguisher. Likewise, be sure that the employees are trained to use them properly to avoid any potential injury.

  1. Water Sprinkler systems

This is a more complex system compared to extinguishers and blankets. When smoke or intense heat is detected, the sprinkler system is activated, and releases water to suppress or stop the fire.

  1. Gaseous fire suppression system

This is a control system meant to stop a breakout with the use of inert gases and / or chemical agents. For the most part, it consists of carbon dioxide used as a flame-extinguishing agent in areas unoccupied by people. It effectively and efficiently eliminates a flare-up without leaving any toxic or liquid residue that might otherwise destroy property or equipment.

At this point, you now know what components and systems to install for the fire control system of your commercial property and it will likely be a combination of some or all of the above. As a property manager or building owner, it’s your responsibility to inspect your current fire control system and see how you can further improve it!

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