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An access control system can give you control over who enters your property, and who has access to distinct areas within it. This gives you an assurance that only permitted personnel are accessing restricted areas, while the security risk posed by the free movement of unknown visitors are mitigated.

Amthal works in partnership with customers to design bespoke access control solutions that allow them to restrict who goes where and when, and also gives them the ability to monitor these movements. An access control system can provide standalone control (for example, with a video and audio door entry system), or it can integrate seamlessly into a whole building management operation to enhance the security of employees, assets and the building itself. It can ultimately make a building a safer place to live, work or visit.

Not only are we partnered with market-leading companies like Intratone, and Paxton but we are also certified by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) on access control systems.

That means you can be assured that Amthal has the technical expertise to deliver an efficient access control system for your building.

An access control system is ideal for multi-purpose, multi-occupancy buildings, and allows you to control access for a large number of permitted people without sacrificing on security.

At the point of entry to a building, there is a balance to be achieved between creating a warm welcome for visitors, and a security barrier against threats. An analogue door entry system can allow staff to offer a warm welcome at a safe distance, and allow or refuse entry as needed. A more advanced IP door entry system gives improved image and audio, as well as monitoring and smart control features. They can also be integrated with other relevant systems, such as entryway lighting.

If you don’t have the resource to monitor an intercom entry system, we also offer maintained systems as a service for property or facilities management, where we look after permitting or preventing entry for you. Entry credentials and criteria can be discussed as part of your system design and planning phase.

Access control systems that require biometric credentials can add an additional layer of security for higher risk or higher value building areas. This type of unique credential means that security breaches caused by human error (such as lost keyfobs or divulged keycodes) less likely.

Automatic gates, barriers and bollards can give you additional access control to the exterior of your building or site, impeding movement of vehicles and allowing you to implement other measures, such as physical security or enforcing traffic flow.


Amthal has designed, installed and maintained access control systems across a range of applications, including access control in a school building and door entry systems in a public sector building. While some systems can include cumbersome or conspicuous hardware, Amthal has experience of designing access control systems for listed buildings in a way that is sympathetic to architectural style and aesthetics.

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