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Every industry has a desire to be safe and secure. Whether it be for its staff, customers or residents and in a school, retail unit or hospital facility, see how Amthal operates in your industry to enable you to protect what’s precious.


Fire safety and security systems in hospitality facilities need to be as effective as they are..

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Security and fire safety in educational buildings is an emotive issue. Whether it’s a nursery, primary..

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Property Management

Fire safety and security are some of the most critical considerations in property management, as managing..

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Public Sector

At the heart of any public sector project, and within each social enterprise scheme, is the..

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Home security and safety is at the heart of Amthal. It goes back to our roots..

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Fire safety and security considerations in retail can be varied, whether the site is a single-location..

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Facilities Management

Fire safety and security are just two of a number of areas that today’s Facilities Manager..

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