Keeping Our Homes Secure This Summer

With the temperatures soaring as we edge towards the summer holidays, keeping our homes and businesses safe and secure whilst we enjoy the summer weather has to be a priority.

This is especially important this year. Statistics show that in the last year alone, the number of UK homes being burgled whilst the occupants were out in their garden has risen by more than 25%.

Further data reveals a burglary once every 106 seconds in 2021, 38% of which occurred in the daytime. And 65% of these took place whilst someone was home.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO of Amthal Fire & Security:

“Summer is a time to celebrate in the sun and enjoy the fabulous weather. And with the post pandemic vibes, it’s especially great to enjoy festivals and social gatherings once again. But burglars know this too and are keen to strike. We must think twice and make our homes secure, even if we’re just in our garden!”

Keep the front door locked

Most gardens are not in easy view of the front door, making it hard to see who’s coming in and out of your home without being indoors.

Though leaving the door unlocked when you’re expecting a flurry of visitors can be tempting, it could also attract unwanted guests.

Says Jamie:

“This is a dream for burglars who can sneak in whilst music is blaring out and escape with many valuables from inside the home.
“A video doorbell or CCTV that you can access through your phone is a good way to stay on top of who is around your house, but not leave visitors waiting at the door.”

Close windows

There’s a high chance your windows will be open on a warm day, but leaving front-facing entry points wide open should be avoided if you plan on spending the entire day in the garden.

Jamie adds:

“A home is only as secure as its weakest point of entry, so make sure to check windows are secured, particularly those downstairs!”

Install a reliable security system

As well as a video doorbell, features such as CCTV, monitored intruder alarms, external sounders, lighting and mobile alerts will stop burglars in their tracks. Not only as a visual deterrent but also so that you can instantly be alerted of any unwelcome visitors.

Avoid social media posts until after your event

It may seem innocuous, but thieves will monitor social media to look for easy opportunities where they can.

Jamie says:

“In a world where we share our lives so openly, providing too much detail of what is planned, can lead to details of an empty home falling into the wrong hands. Posting after the event is finished, or when you have returned from holiday, leaves no time for opportunist burglars to strike. Also try to avoid being specific on dates, times and especially locations!”

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