Be Vigilant to Lockdown Crime

Amthal is calling on business owners to stay vigilant in the Coronavirus lockdown.

Official reports are already showing an increase in attempted burglaries on commercial buildings and construction sites.

According to latest intelligent data, Police across the UK have been responding to a sudden rise in burglaries and attempted thefts, as non-essential shops, together with pubs, restaurants and other commercial premises remain closed in accordance with strict Government guidelines.

The same warning is being extended to construction sites, containing valuable plant and equipment that need to be kept secure.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal Fire & Security: “With whole city centres now deserted for longer periods of time, it really is no surprise that opportunist thieves will be ready to strike. This is especially with so many people staying at home, not only will there will be less prospects to target residential properties, but also less chance for those with criminal intentions to be spotted and reported whilst out and about.

“In light of this, and the priority call of The Police to work to contain the Coronavirus, we are urging business owners, together with Facility and Site Managers to stay vigilant. This includes having the right resources and systems in place for full monitoring services, whether this is through security guards and / or smart CCTV, intruder alarmaccess control or fire detection, that can all be operated via mobile technology as we continue to work from home.”

With Amthal now confirmed with critical key status for the safety and security of its customers, it is able to offer key maintenance and repair services across dedicated sites, along with critical installation and upgrade work, where it is essential to maintaining law and order.

Jamie concludes: “With the uncertainty of timeframes for how long the lockdown will last, Amthal is encouraging business owners and those with responsibility for construction sites to take steps now to ‘protect what’s precious’ and secure their property, and assets. By acting quickly, we can be assured of our business’ safety and security, so that our thriving cities can be fully operational as quickly as possible, as soon as our Government declares it safe to do so.”