Sourced Market Security On Track With Amthal

Client: Sourced Market

Serving thousands of happy commuters and tourists across leading London stations on a weekly basis, Sourced Market has peace of mind that its newest premises is safe and secure with Amthal.

Sourced Market, the artisan food and drink retailer, has brought the concept of a farmer’s market to the convenience sector and has most recently added a deli/café to its portfolio, in becoming the first outlet to open at the heart of the Nova project that is regenerating a large part of London Victoria.

Growing with the company and remaining sensitive to its surroundings when it comes to safety and security for staff and customers is Amthal Fire & Security; always ready to design, deliver and install security solutions including Fire Alarm, intruder systems and CCTV.

Says Bridin Allen, Events, Marketing & Office Manager for Sourced Market: “The whole ethos of Sourced Market is meeting a demand for high quality, locally sourced produce. We are incredibly proud of the suppliers we work with and want to ensure we offer the best protection in our food outlets for our staff and customers.

“This is where Amthal Fire & Security fit the bill perfectly, in working with us across our sites, right from the initial design phase, to making sure the systems installed are not invasive to the style and feel of our creation, through installation with minimal disruption and maintenance.”

Phil Bryant, Service Accounts Manager at Amthal Fire & Security added: “Sourced Market has been instrumental in revolutionising the way people buy food and drink at train stations and beyond. Its opening at Nova Food is especially significant, being neighbours to some of the biggest and best names in the industry in such a fun, fresh setting.

“Amthal is thrilled to have worked on the security on site. What this project demonstrates is although it may seem like security can be figured out at the last minute; it’s much more intuitive to carefully consider during initial design phases. This way the installation process can operate to blend security systems with surroundings and create a seamless, safe and secure environment for employees and customers alike.”