Redbridge Sports Centre Fire Safe with Amthal

Client: Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre

Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre has streamlined its fire safety maintenance with Amthal Fire & Security, to ensure the safety of its workers and visitors across its complete complex and extensive facilities.

Based in Ilford, East London, Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre has evolved over its 40-year history, becoming an international multi-sports venue, accessible for all sports preferences, together with offering a dedicated gym, health suite and local community social activities.

Whilst originally different fire and security specialists were responsible for each building and arenas across the complex, maintenance teams tendered for one company to maintain fire alarms and fire extinguishers for the complete site, with Amthal becoming its preferred supplier.

Says Phillip Hammond, Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre Maintenance Supervisor: “The vision of Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre is to inspire the local community to change their lifestyle and well-being for the better, utilising our fantastic array of facilities on site. It is our responsibility to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which they can do so.

“With this in mind, as the facilities grew, we needed to reorganise our approach to fire safety. Amthal even prior to becoming our preferred supplier demonstrated their technical competence and professionalism, always available even out of hours to offer support. As a maintenance team, we are now reassured that our buildings are fire safe and compliant to all latest standards.”

Matthew Plant, Amthal Fire & Security, Senior Fire Engineer added: “In any leisure facility, large or small, it is essential to ensure measures and systems are in place that will provide customers, employees and the premises itself, with sufficient prevention against fire at all times.

“We work closely with the maintenance team at Redbridge Sports & Leisure Centre, ensuring works are scheduled to minimise disruption to business operations across the site. We also support dedicated staff fire safety training, right down to ensuring correct use of fire extinguishers in the case of a fire, and understanding procedures such as fire evacuation, especially when dealing with a large number of visitors at one time. Getting everyone out safely and efficiently is down to good practice and maintenance.”