Notting Hill Housing Group Secure With Amthal

Client: Notting HIll Housing Group

Amthal has secured the tender for Notting Hill Housing Group to provide total electronic security solutions and maintenance across the social enterprise’s three office locations in London.

Notting Hill Housing Group is a leading London housing association and one of the most innovative in the UK, dedicated to creating 21st century neighbourhoods for the capital.

Notting Hill Housing Group has three offices across London, including King’s Cross, Hammersmith and Vauxhall. All three sites require high quality protection for all staff on site, whilst not compromising on the welcoming environment for visitors.

Across the multiple locations and having worked closely with the site management team for over a 10 year period, Amthal Fire & Security has developed a total electronic security solution, implementing state of the art intruder alarms, CCTV, access control and innovative automated door systems as and where required. Following the first tender issued from the Housing Group, Amthal Fire & Security is now also responsible for security maintenance across the three sites.

Says Paul Atkinson, Office Services Manager at Notting Hill Housing Group: ”Balancing the creation of a welcoming environment with ensuring site security is a constant challenge. This is where working with a trusted partner as Amthal Fire & Security, who has been there with us for over a decade and understands our working environment, is a great assurance for the team.

“Amthal Fire & Security’s proactive approach ensures security upgrades and now maintenance needs are identified. They operate on a seamless basis without affecting the daily working environment and we trust their reliability and ability to deliver on all our requirements quickly, cost effectively, on time and in full. This means Notting Hill Housing Group staff can focus on our duty to deliver affordable housing and better social communities in London.”

Jamie Allam, Commercial Director of Amthal Fire & Security added: “At the heart of social enterprise is the need to create homes and communities in which residents want to live.

But equally important is for staff at organisations expected to deliver on such Government objectives to feel safe and secure at their workplace. This is where Notting Hill Housing Group has proven how relying on a trusted brand as Amthal Fire & Security, with proven experience to deliver on all security and maintenance needs, can provide total and continued peace of mind.”