Amthal Thwarts Criminal Escape With New CCTV At Christopher Place

Client: Christopher Place

Amthal is working closely with Hertfordshire Police and management teams at St Albans’ Christopher Place to ensure the safety and security of all who work and visit the leading shopping centre.

Based in St Albans, streets surrounding the shopping centre, located at the heart of the city, were becoming a notorious route for criminal getaways. Amthal stepped in with Police and Christopher Place’s management to upgrade surveillance cameras and ensure maximum coverage and security.

Says PC Sean Woods of Hertfordshire Constabulary: “We are constantly working to improve the safety and security of St Albans’ city centre. This is not only by encouraging the General Public to remain vigilant without causing alarm, but also in partnership with management teams at prevalent destinations to see where action can be taken.

“At Christopher Place, state of the art CCTV cameras are now in situ to complement Police patrols and offer constant monitoring and zoom functionality. Already making their mark, the improved visibility means our local community and the people who work and visit the vicinity are even better protected in the fight against crime.”

Christopher Place has also recently upgraded the CCTV cameras throughout the luxury centre to offer extra peace of mind for staff, shops and visitors.

Catherine Morris, Centre Manager added: “Our top priority for Christoper Place is our pledge to the retail owners and our visitors to ensure they have an enjoyable experience in a safe environment. Every detail in the management of the centre is constantly being checked to ensure we achieve this aim.

“The completion of the CCTV works is just one example of this commitment. We chose to improve our CCTV systems with Amthal as a local company who understands the Centre and knows the City. Together, we worked with local Police in the upgrade process to ensure cameras were not only upgraded but also carefully positioned to maximize their potential and present complete peace of mind.”

Paul Rosenthal, Amthal’s Sales Director concluded: “Security technology is moving so fast that we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we just installed cameras, without constantly reviewing their functionality, position and effectiveness. This is especially true in busy environments where a crime can be committed in seconds, leaving no evidence behind.

“What Christopher Place shows is the importance of not being complacent, even in relatively low crime areas such as St Albans. And it’s about not just considering own facilities, but also the impacts of immediate businesses and surroundings, to ensure everything is being done to protect the welfare of our community.”