Amthal Steps Up Security For Stanta

Client: STANTA

When award winning, independent enterprise agency STANTA was searching for an all encompassing security system for its office building in St Albans, it looked no further than local security specialist Amthal.

Not for profit service STANTA has been established for over thirty years, serving to help start, grow and develop successful businesses in St Albans area with training and 7,500 sq. ft. of low-risk office space to rent in its dedicated Business Centre.

The centre offers 19 dedicated units for business start-ups and when it came to security, each one required a dedicated alarm and individual door entry system. This was alongside the need for an overall alarm and access control solution for the building, coupled with CCTV at the front and back to secure the premises.

Says Mel Hilbrown Executive Director St Albans Enterprise Agency: “We knew we had complex requirements with each individual business needing its own alarm and access system, alongside the security needs of the building itself. Amthal made it their priority to understand this and design a bespoke system that ensured all units could be separately secured in one solution.

“Specifically, the system designed by Amthal provided for entry by fob, which solved the security weakness – and inconvenience – of having key codes (which, if not changed regularly, become a risk) and made it easy for us, as premises managers, to deactivate any individual fob in the case of one being lost. The simplicity and the confidence that only authorised personnel can have access to any particular office, especially when staff leave, is much appreciated by our licensees.”

Paul Rosenthal, Sales Director of Amthal Fire & Security added: “What our work with STANTA demonstrates is our commitment to ensuring security measures, right from initial design, through installation and maintenance, achieves the necessary requirements of individual buildings and their purpose.

“In STANTA’s case, they were initially concerned about the complexity of operating separate security systems in one, but we could quickly put their mind at ease. And now we have become their local, total solutions provider and the start-up business community in St Albans can be assured their significant investment is safe and secure.”