Amthal Steps Up Security at Lancasterian Primary School

Client: Lancasterian Primary School

Lancasterian Primary School has partnered with Amthal to maintain its intruder alarm systems to the highest standards for the safety and security of staff, pupils and visitors.

Tottenham based Lancasterian Primary School is focused on the delivery of a safe and welcoming learning environment, “where everyone is included and creativity is valued.” The school is persistently seeking new ways to enhance and improve its offer to the children and the local community.

The school had an established high profile intruder alarm system on site and consulted with Amthal to create a maintenance programme that could operate with no disruption to learning timetables.

Says Sam Judge, Lancasterian Primary School’s Assistant Site Manager: “The security of our school is naturally a top priority, to ensure staff and pupils can work and learn in a safe environment. We see a careful balance to ensure our focus on creation of a welcoming and nurturing school for pupils and the local community is not overwhelmed.

“It’s something we are consistently reviewing and when we approached Amthal, we were instantly impressed with their understanding of our objectives. They proactively worked with us to create a maintenance schedule for our intruder alarms, to ensure they continue to operate to maximum capacity for the ultimate protection of all who learn with us, and provide total peace of mind and assurance to the site management team.”

Mark Golding, Amthal Account Manager added: “Ensuring that pupils, buildings and equipment are protected requires an effective school building security alarm system for which users are fully trained, alarm systems that are regularly maintained and service inspections that are logged and documented.

A well-maintained system will ensure compliance with building safety regulations and also help to ensure the school passes OFSTED with flying colours. Amthal is thrilled to be working with schools such as Lancasterian Primary to ensure its security for the benefit of staff, pupils and visitors.”