Amthal serves up security through global urban logistics

Network Control Group is operating with a global dark kitchen logistics team to integrate leading security suppliers, including Amthal Fire & Security, to ensure restaurant teams can operate and access their facilities in a safe and secure environment.

Dark kitchens – which are closed to the public –  have been described as a ‘game changer’ for the food delivery industry and will continue to play a vital role in helping restaurants recover from the pandemic and drive growth.

As a site that works with restaurant partners to prepare takeaway orders, with 5 – 60 networked kitchens operating at any one time, management teams needed to enhance smart security throughout the site and gain better visual access, even on a remote basis, to who was using the facilities at any one time.

Due to the global operations perspective, Network Control Group initiated a design process for an integrated solution, including Amthal to accommodate the complex security requirements of the dark kitchen facilities.  This included essential design of visual verification and access control that could be created in one seamless solution.

Says Alex Smith of The Network Control Group: “Effective use of technology like ours allows dark kitchen operators to understand their buildings better, accessing operational efficiencies and providing the best possible client experience. This translates in to increased food sales and longer occupancy.”

“Amthal have understood the importance of a technology led solution and have brought their industry experience to devise a security, visual verification and alerting platform that addresses the specific challenges of these 24 hours sites, whilst providing remote corporate access for flexibility”

The security comprised integrated smart Dahua Technology TiOC (three in one camera,) with a bespoke CCTV full-colour solution featuring facial recognition to track movement and occupancy management, access control and intruder alarm.  The solution enables a warning visual light and audio sound that will be triggered by any unauthorised person across the site.

Each system was strategically installed and networked, whilst being operated via mobile so that management teams could gain necessary remote access and playback capability as and when required, even whilst not on site.

Paul Rosenthal, Sales Director Amthal added: “There are some incredible delivery options out there, offering food options that customers didn’t necessarily have access to pre-pandemic.  Behind the scenes, this has led to increased reliance on kitchen management to enable eating establishments to meet the increased expectations people expected from a takeaway service.

“With speed being of the essence, right from when the order comes through to sending out for delivery, with no compromise on quality, it is essential to offer the right equipment in a safe and secure environment.  This is where an integrated smart security system, created by Network Control Group. supplied by Dahua Technology and installed by Amthal ensures optimum performance and a successful and smooth running operation.”