Amthal Secures Jollyes’ Growth Plans

Client: Jollyes

Amthal partners with Jollyes Petfood Stores through its ambitious growth plans, maintaining all fire and security services as it expands its store services across mainland UK.

Since its launch in 1971, Jollyes has grown into one of the largest chains of pet food superstores with 56 Jollyes stores across the UK, celebrating its newest opening in Perth, Scotland.

With plans to open five further stores a year, the company needed to ensure a consistent and reliable level of service from suppliers, especially when it comes to fire and security.

St Albans based Amthal, which has been working with Jollyes since 2009 has developed a bespoke nationwide service including maintenance work, monitoring, fault call outs and new store installations for all fire, intruder and CCTV operations.

Says Jim Warke, Director of Jollyes Petfood Superstores: “This is an exciting time for Jollyes as we are committed to our growth plan, with three new stores already in the pipeline for next year. However, just as important is for us to look after our existing stores, especially in terms of security for our staff and our customers.”

“Since we started working with Amthal, they have proven to operate to a high standard, always ensuring our fire and security equipment is up to date and operating effectively. For existing stores, Amthal provides ultimate peace of mind and new stores can be opened on a much tighter timeframe, with the efficient and flexible services provided. And if we do have an issue it is dealt with instantly and hassle free.”

Paul Rosenthal, Sales Director for Amthal Fire & Security added: “Jollyes came to us originally to consolidate its fire and security services both from a cost and resource perspective but also to ensure one point of contact that can serve all its stores.”

“The recent opening in Perth represented Amthal’s first contract in Scotland, and whilst we know the company could easily have chosen a more local supplier to the store, it demonstrates the benefits of being a total solution provider that is consistently dependable to ensure all fire and security requirements are achieved.”