Amthal Revises Fire And Security For Garston Manor School

Client: Garston Manor SchooL

Amthal has worked with Garston Manor School to create a scalable solution to upgrade the fire and security systems in place and maintain it to the highest quality for the benefit of staff, pupils and visitors.

Garston Manor School is a specialist school for autism, learning difficulties and speech and language, with a vision to ensure all students leave school as confident and self-reliant individuals, following a learning experience that is rewarding and enjoyable.

To ensure all staff can focus on this mission, Amthal carried out an investigative site visit, to understand existing fire and security systems in place, and make recommendations on how to build on, complement and maintain it, using latest technology.

The local fire and security specialist also then carefully created a works programme to complete additional works and ensure a maintenance programme was in place to look after intruder, CCTV and fire systems on site.

Says Caroline Caisley, School Business Manager at Garston Manor School: “The school firmly believes in creating an environment whereby all students have the right to access learning at a level and setting appropriate to their needs that will enable them to enjoy and achieve. To ensure this can occur, we must establish an atmosphere of trust, security and mutual respect.

“Security in this respect is an absolute priority for the school, right from the perimeter and the site boundaries through to all internal areas. Amthal understood this and developed a works programme to maintain all our fire and security systems. We have been very impressed with their sensitivity to the school’s aims and vision and care taken in looking after our site.”

David Williamson, Account Manager at Amthal added: “By its very nature, Garston Manor is a specialist school with very focussed aims and a vision to encourage every child who attends to enjoy their learning experience, celebrate their individuality and make the best possible progress and attainment.

“Our role, following the site survey, is to support the site management team and continue to look after the fire and security systems, eliminating any concerns and planning works necessary around learning timetables. This way, staff can commit to their integral role in each child’s life, and students can learn in a safe and secure school environment, all without affecting every day operations or the aesthetics of this educational facility.”