Amthal Makes Its Debut At Watford Palace Theatre

Client: Watford Palace Theatre

Amthal has secured Watford Palace Theatre with an access control system incorporating networked control doors, software and proximity ID cards, all installed without compromising on the Grade II listed early 20th Century building.

Watford Palace Theatre, opened in 1908, is a 600 seat Edwardian Palace Theatre that has undergone significant refurbishment to offer modern accessible facilities including its own rehearsal room, wardrobe and scenic workshop, together with the new Green Bar Room.

As the theatre continues to develop the quality of experience for all who visit, the site management team is also conscious of protecting the investment and assets of the building premises for the benefit or all who visit and work on site.

Following an initial site survey to understand the unique requirements of the theatre, Amthal Fire & Security installed an access control system consisting of 30 IP networked control doors, software and proximity ID cards to offer ultimate door entry and controlled access management.

Says Dan Baxter, Communications Director for Watford Palace Theatre: “We have an obligation to provide security and accessibility for all theatre goers, in addition to key members of staff. But any security installed had to be carefully considered with regards its impact on the aesthetics and architectural style of the Edwardian Palace Theatre.

“Amthal Fire & Security understood this and following a thorough site survey, designed the access control system around our needs. The installation process was quick and the new system is easy to manage and ensures complete access, safety and security. We are also safe in the knowledge it’s future proofed so that as we continue to develop the site, the level of protection can continue to grow with the facilities available.”

Jamie Allam, Commercial Director at Amthal Fire & Security added: “Watford Palace Theatre was clear in a desire to partner with a company and develop a long professional relationship to maintain the high level of protection required at a theatre premises, with ongoing streams of staff and visitors at all times of day and night.

“Amthal Fire & Security shares this vision, which is why we go the extra mile to ensuring fire and security solutions exactly fit the requirements of buildings in terms of functionality, flexibility, scalability and management. Watford Palace Theatre is a great example of how the very latest access control solutions can be installed seamlessly in such a beautiful Edwardian building, with no effect to the architectural design.“