Amthal Fences Off School Security With Frank Cooper & Son

Client: Frank Cooper & Son

Amthal is working in partnership with Frank Cooper & Son, across a number of school security programme of works, to ensure perimeter protection is achieved to exceed Ofsted standards.

With security always being a vital ingredient for any school or college in protecting its students, staff and visitors, the additional inclusion into Ofsted inspections is leading many schools to review current standards.

Says Simon Cooper of Frank Cooper & Son: “On a basic level, Ofsted inspectors need a school to demonstrate it has taken reasonable steps to ensure pupils are safe on the school site. This is right from the site boundaries to monitoring visitors or volunteers as well as having adequate security arrangements for the grounds and school buildings.

“We have worked with Amthal for many years focusing on supporting schools to help, support and advise on the best security strategies to ensure Ofsted expectations are achieved. And in doing so, provide vital assurances that school security does not need to feel prison-like. Bespoke, often colourful perimeter solutions can be created to complement and protect our essential learning environments.”

Amthal operates with Frank Cooper & Son right from the initial design process through to installation, working around learning timetables to ensure minimal disruption to school timetables, and following up with essential maintenance and monitoring services.

Access control solutions and CCTV can also be analysed to direct those entering and exiting a school and monitor pedestrian movement more efficiently. This can reduce the risk of crime in schools.

Jamie Allam, CEO of Amthal Fire and Security adds: “School grounds protected by secure perimeters and good access control surveillance systems are the foundation of a healthy learning environment, supported by alertness and a coherent awareness of risk management.

“It’s why we choose to work in partnership with specialists such as Frank Cooper & Son, to ensure schools not only pass OFSTED with flying colours, but also offers a well-maintained system that complies with building safety regulations. All this brought together enables a school to honour its duty of care to provide peace of mind for its staff, pupils, parents and visitors on an ongoing basis.”