Why Apprentices Are So Important To Amthal

With this week being National Apprenticeship Week, we caught up with CEO Jamie Allam to see why apprentices are still so important to Amthal and how they are making a significant difference to the business.

Right from day one of Amthal, as a family business, we have committed to an annual apprenticeship programme to encourage job-specific skills. This is something we have invested in for the last 21 years and has time and again proven its value in supporting the team.

It’s something we will continue to support and grow from a fire safety perspective and security for the industry to benefit. Today, our apprenticeship programmes are both field-based in fire and security engineering and also office-based in management, sales, finance and administration.

This decision to embrace apprenticeships across all areas has inevitably helped the business to adopt new innovations, understand modern methods of communication and embrace new technologies available. It has also built on the creation of our positive business culture upon which all our sustainable growth resides.

Family Business

The clear structure of the team under our direction is important to our development. With the new generation and our apprentice programme, it has allowed each individual to settle into their defined role and take responsibility with their dedicated line manager for their own growth.

This positivity in the workplace means all our apprentices have been given access to work alongside our more experienced staff. We believe we provide a workplace opportunity for them to express their ideas in an environment where they will be adopted, to see how it impacts on our business.

This openness is something we value as a family and as a business.

Multi-Generational Workforce

Carefully curated apprenticeship schemes is also one development helping to encourage a workplace environment ripe for multi-generational collaboration. And this in turn supports growth through our business.

We have employed and retained (and promoted) the majority of our Apprentices. In fact, 25% of our team has or is involved in an apprenticeship programme.

In return, our teams as a whole are made up of those just starting their career, as well as those who have been skilled in the industry for many years. We are ready to embrace new ways of working, together with mobile-first solutions, quickly and efficiently, responding to the increasing call for remote monitoring services.

Apprentices have, and always will form an essential part of our team, product and service development. It’s a process we advocate and proactively encourage to attract new talent.

And we are also continuing to innovate in the apprentice space and developing paths and opportunities for those who already have transferable skills, allowing them to fast track through our apprenticeship programmes.

By equipping our apprentices with the training and tailor-making the support required to take them further, it is our aim to contribute to job growth and team success in our sector for the long term.

And in doing so, we continue to work together to build the future and ‘protect what’s precious.’