Business Security Tips During Christmas

As businesses prepare to close their premises for the Christmas and New Year festive period, it is imperative to carry out those final checks to ensure that fire safety and security is optimised.

This includes keeping those charged with maintaining your premises’ security up to date with anything that could affect how and when they do so.

Simple things can make a huge difference in helping them maximise their resources and efficiencies – and these are hinged on ‘communication.’

Security Tips To Consider During Christmas

Some key final checks should include:

  1. Have you told your security monitoring station of changes in operating hours, closing times/opening times and dates?
  2. Do you have named keyholders? If so, run through your Christmas arrangements with all staff in advance.  These may have changed for the holiday season, and it’s important to know who to contact in case of emergency. (Keyholders must be contactable so check with them personally; don’t just assume. And, if someone is on holiday, they’ll need to be replaced.)
  3. Will anyone be on your site over the Christmas period? Please let all services, including monitoring, know.  If they don’t know, out-of-the-ordinary or unauthorised trespassers could be treated as intruders. Revised hours for cleaners, staff visits, maintenance personnel and even security guards could cause unnecessary false alarms
  4. Is your building fire safe, with all the necessary checks- including alarm and smoke detection systems – completed before your break up?

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal: “There is so much to do in the lead up to Christmas, it is always a busy and hectic period.  We are trying to finish work programmes and prepare for the new year at the same time.  With everything going on, it’s easy to overlook the small things that could negatively affect business site fire safety and security.

“It’s definitely worth diarising some time in the last few days to double check arrangements before business closes.  This ensures total peace of mind where we can always enjoy the festive period with our loved ones, safe in the knowledge that that our business is secure and ready to hit the ground running in the new year.”

Effective Communication is vital

Staying in touch with customers is important for any company, but for Amthal Fire & Security, it is vital.

For us to provide the effective specialist fire safety and security services that we are renowned for, it is essential that we maintain open and transparent lines of communication with our customers.

Amthal prides itself on how we communicate with our customers.

Even over the Christmas period, we have Engineer support out-of-hours available alongside an escalation service.

If you need any further information or advice about keeping your business premises secure, contact our team today.