Rethinking Business Summer Security

Security is an ever-changing solution for any business. Technology develops, new risks present themselves, and different strategies are implemented to protect your business.

Seasonal factors will also require adaption to normal routines and practices, and the summer period is certainly one that requires some consideration.

Says Jamie:

“With the summer holidays upon us, it’s the best time to plan in family days and much deserved holidays. But ensuring your business is safe and secure has to be planned for, not least with staffing levels but also fire safety and security solutions, so that you don’t make an unwelcome return to a break in.”

Amthal Fire & Security provides some top tips to keep your business secure this summer.

Back to basics

Hot weather could mean staff are opening windows and coming in and out of the building more often.

Installing air conditioning would reduce the need for this but if that’s not an option, make sure that someone is tasked with ensuring all windows and doors are checked and secured at the end of every day.

Also, be vigilant throughout the day so intruders cannot sneak in through open doors. Installation of an IP access control system can help track who is coming and going.

Time to Shine

If seasonality affects your business, it could also potentially affect your security.

If your business is busier over the summer months (e.g. if you’re in the leisure/holiday industry or located in a holiday town), then security may be overlooked due to busy staff.

Make sure you have a clear security procedure with responsibilities assigned and that it’s always adhered to.

If you are a cash business and takings are likely to increase, this could potentially make you more of a target. If you can, bank cash regularly to take it off-site or keep it locked away in a suitable safe. Don’t ever leave money in tills overnight.

Lighting Up

Criminals know that businesses might be empty for longer over the summer, and they will be waiting to target vulnerable premises.

Lighting can act as a visible deterrent for thieves and could instantly put them off breaking into your business.

You might use external security lighting that automatically comes on when they detect motion, or you put internal lights on a timer so your premises don’t look empty 24/7. Either option is sure to help put criminals off targeting your business.

And remember locking up in daylight, it’s easy to overlook leaving lights on overnight to save the opportunity for burglars to make a quick, undetected exit.

Holiday Time

Staff shortages over the summer can have several security implications.

Responsibility for security measures such as locking up could be delegated in the absence of those who normally would do it. Make sure they are fully briefed on the procedure.

If you rely on temporary or holiday staff cover, ensure they know the safety and security procedures.

Likewise, having temp staff that you don’t know can make it difficult to recognise people that are genuinely meant to be on-site and those that are not.

An access control system, where temporary ID fobs can be issued, would help reduce the risk.

All Systems Go…

If you are planning a change in schedule to benefit from the summer holidays, then be sure to assess and test your security and fire safety equipment at least one week before leaving.

Making sure your intruder alarm systems and CCTV are both working efficiently will give you peace of mind when you’re not there.

Also, make sure you benefit from the latest evolution in smart security, so you can check in with your business remotely, if required, from wherever you are in the world!