Top Tips to Protect Your Home Post Lockdown

With the sun finally making a welcome appearance and lockdown restrictions lifting, Amthal is supporting calls for homeowners to stay alert, with reported crime incidents already on the increase.

With research suggesting the average household has spent £4,000 on new items since the start of lockdown – including tech, gym equipment and office kits – burglars have new expensive ticket items ready to target. And statistics are already showing crimes like burglary, robbery, vehicle crimes and other theft are increasing since May 2021.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal Fire & Security: “As lockdown restrictions are lifted and a great portion of the nation is vaccinated, fears subside and the impact of pent-up demand is beginning to be felt. The added advantage of the warmer weather and we will be eager to make up for lost time and get out with our family and friends.

“But sadly, the same is true for burglars, who will try to take advantage of increasingly empty homes. With the amount of investment in our homes to cope with the lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic, it’s integral we now keep this secure. Not only for ourselves and our family, but also to ensure we can enjoy the new found freedom and ‘protect what’s precious.’

Amthal has put together a quick reference guide for homeowners to provide essential peace of mind and keep our homes safe from crime.

Out Of Sight, Out of Opportunity
Simple measures can make all the difference. By example, ensuring all valuables and keys, including car keys, are out of sight and away from the view of windows, hall tables and the letterbox. If you can get to them quickly, so can an opportunist.

Lock Up
It may sound obvious, but many break-ins are still successful through the front door, taking advantage of weaknesses in locking mechanisms.

Even if you’re popping out for a few seconds or just round to a neighbour, make sure you lock up. With the evolution of the keyless ‘smart lock’ you can even set your front door to lock when you leave your home, just in case you forget.

Consider Them All
Investing in quality locks for all your windows – especially ones on the ground floor or next to a flat roof – is a good idea. Keep them locked at night for extra security and peace of mind.

Tidy Up 
Ensure sheds and garages are locked and secure at all times – tidy away ladders, power tools and garden equipment after you’ve used them, don’t leave them outside where they could be used to break into your home.

Also, don’t forget to put bikes away and secured properly as they have seen a surge of thefts during the pandemic, especially in London.

Lights. Camera. Lack of Action
Monitored professionally installed alarms are a very effective deterrent and can help to frighten off a potential-burglar, whether you’re out for the day or asleep upstairs at night.

As with the alarms, bright lights attached to a motion sensor can be very effective to scare off a potential-burglar before they try and break in. (Try to install them above head height and ensure they’re tamper-proof.)

Watch Your Back
With renovating gardens and outdoor spaces coming in the top five lockdown home improvement projects, it’s essential gardens and new garden rooms are protected. Fitting smart CCTV to secure the back of your home will deter even a seasoned burglar who doesn’t want to be caught.

Think Smart
Smart security options include video doorbells, increasingly relied upon by Police and Neighbourhood Watch to keep communities safe. Similarly, door entry integrations with Amazon Alexa allow voice control and homeowners to exactly know who is at the front door before its answered, (even when not at home!)

Smart alarms, lighting and CCTV additionally help to keep the entire home site safe and secure, right from the perimeter of your home (including driveways as vehicle theft is also on the increase,) and can often be monitored on compatible mobiles at any time or location.

As Jamie concludes: “As we look to a ‘post Covid-19’ world, and a ‘return to normal,’ we will increasingly be spending less time at home, so we need to ensure it’s safe and secure. Amthal is happy to offer advice and guidance on latest security solutions, including maintenance and service options to ensure any new investment and your home overall, continues to stay in safe hands.”