How To Comply With New Fire Safety Legislation

Amthal is proactively working with its customers to make them aware of new Home Office guidance for anyone with responsibilities under the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

The new update has been launched following the passing of the Fire Safety Act 2021, which comes into effect as a direct result of the Grenfell Tower fire and its subsequent Inquiry.

They “extend duties imposed by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.”

Who Do The Regulations Apply To?

The regulations apply to all buildings in England that comprise two or more domestic premises (including the residential parts of mixed-use buildings) although there are more requirements depending on the height, as explained in this guide.

These buildings are principally blocks of flats (whether purpose-built or converted from another type of building, such as a house or office building), but also include blocks used for student accommodation.  It is believed more buildings will fall under the guidance.

Says Phil Bryant, Amthal Manager of Strategic Accounts:

“These regulations form part of a raft of new measures serving to ensure that a tragedy such as Grenfell never happens again.  Although it is focussed on high-rise residential buildings, the principals and duty of care applied should be accepted by responsible persons looking after all buildings and facilities.

“At Amthal, we are here to offer support to ensure our clients have the necessary measures in place to comply and maintain the new duties to which they are now obliged.  We have specialist fire safety engineers that can offer advice and maintenance checks on fire doors and secure information boxes, all specified in the guidance alongside offering regular maintenance checks for peace of mind.”

The expectation for compliance has specified that the regulations apply regardless of whether flats are leased or rented and also whether flats are used to accommodate the general public or a particular group of people (for example, sheltered housing for older people.)

The regulations also specify the importance of the role of Responsible Persons and detail the need for fire safety across high-rise residential buildings, right from the entrance systems through lifts designed to be used by fire and rescue service crews to reach upper floors during a fire.

The importance of monthly check requirements and templates for reporting faults and rectifications are also cited alongside having records accessible to residents of the building, with severe penalties for non-compliance.

Phil concluded:

“The guidance is comprehensive in its detailed strategy towards ensuring fire safety and compliance, outlined “in addition to the servicing and maintenance of the systems (usually by a contractor) required by the Fire Safety Order.

“We understand resource and time stretched responsible persons may find the new requirements overwhelming, and we are on hand to offer the necessary services, including weekly and monthly testing to ensure responsible persons are ‘protecting what’s precious.”

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