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Don’t Forget Fire Safety

Businesses across the UK are working diligently to implement…
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Amthal Adds DHF Membership To Its Credentials

Amthal has become a full member of the prestigious…
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How to keep your home safe during lockdown

With everyone at home during lockdown, it may be…
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What can building management companies do to protect residents?

With the continuing lockdown situation having a profound effect…
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How to keep a construction site safe during lockdown

Amthal supports latest guidance from the *Construction Leadership Council…
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Supporting Facility Managers & ensure a safe, secure lockdown

Amthal is working closely with Facility Managers, to ensure…
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Be Vigilant to Lockdown Crime

Amthal is calling on business owners to stay vigilant…
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Operational Status Update

With the Government now committed to fire and security…
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