What can building management companies do to protect residents?

With the continuing lockdown situation having a profound effect on people’s day to day lives, building management companies have an increased responsibility to their residents to keep in touch and offer up to date advice on the ever-changing circumstances.

Amthal, as a Government recognised critical worker, is working closely in partnership with its customers to keep them informed and prepared.  The aim is to ensure residents can stay safe and building operations remain functioning and secure.

Building Management Responsibility
Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal Fire & Security explains: “Government guidance states that repair obligations and duty of care, of property owners “have not changed” during the coronavirus crisis, adding that “tenants have a right to a decent, warm and safe place to live.” It is in the interests of all involved to ensure properties are kept in good repair and free from hazards.”

Amthal will continue with ongoing scheduled testing of life safety system to ensure they are operating correctly should they be required in the event of an emergency. These include fire detection, automatic opening vents, emergency lighting, dry risers and sprinkler systems.

Resident Awareness
Amthal also offers the following advice for building management companies to offer their residents, encouraging at all times, Government guidance to stay at home and where necessary, exercise self-distancing.

Please be vigilant: Whilst we are all adjust to these new circumstances, please help to reduce any opportunistic crimes. Please make sure possessions are locked away, doors are kept closed, and report any acts of vandalism or suspicious behaviour by strangers to the Police.

Fire safety: Please do take extra care to reduce the risk of fires by making sure that:

  • No items are left in stairwells or corridors
  • All rubbish is placed in bins – please do not leave refuse in communal areas
  • All fire exits are kept clear
  • You and all persons in your household know the evacuation procedure in the event of a fire in your property
  • Please check that the smoke detectors within your property are operating correctly

Amthal continues to offer key maintenance and repair services to building management companies, ensuring its staff are able to respond to critical installation and upgrade works, where it is essential to maintain the safety and security of residents.