Be Proactive When It Comes To Fire Safety

Amthal is urging responsible persons to be proactive to comply with latest legislation, following a report suggesting more can be done to ensure workplace environments are fire safe.

According to the “2021 Fire Safety Accountability Report, *” over 60% of individuals questioned who are responsible for fire safety in the workplace or a commercial environment, believe they could do more to ensure that a given building is fire safe.

The report, produced by JLA Fire in January, also found:

  • 10% of respondents don’t know how to perform a fire risk assessment
  • 10% of respondents have no knowledge of the latest fire safety focussed Government regulations.
  • 26.8% of respondents report a lack of knowledge around the incoming Fire Safety Bill.

The Fire Safety Bill is set to amend the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and arguably represents the biggest change in building safety for a generation, aiming to provide clarity over all fire safety risks that respective building owners and managers are responsible for assessing (such as cladding, internal/external walls and fire doors).

The report has been launched at the same time as research revealed that 44%** of firms in England do not have the correct emergency lighting.

Says Phil Bryant, Amthal’s Head of Strategic Accounts: “A focus shift towards building’s passive fire protection systems has been significant, naturally since the tragedy of Grenfell Tower, but also with the review of fire safety regulations, technological advances and product developments in this area.

“It’s crucial commercial building and facilities managers stay abreast of their responsibility to deliver on fire safety for staff, residents and visitors. This is from ensuring the implementation of up to date fire risk assessments through to having the right service agreements and ppm schedules in place for their electronic and passive fire protection systems.

With many of the respondents to latest reports on fire safety citing issues such as lack of budget and time to stay up to date with fire safety requirements, Amthal is proactively working with new and existing clients to prepare for the Fire Safety Bill.  This includes working right from fire risk assessments through to testing, repairing and installing fire detection systems and emergency lighting as required.

Amthal is also offering additional inspection services, especially on fire door systems to ensure they are compliant and fit for purpose.

Phil adds: “The Fire Safety Bill proposes much more stringent penalties for responsible persons found not to be compliant, so preparation is key.  We are offering support to all our customers, in terms of training and equipment checks, in an attempt to encourage a proactive approach to help meet fire safety obligations, without adding unnecessary pressures to resource stretched responsible persons in commercial environments.”

*The full results of the study, are available to view in JLA Fire’s 2021 Fire Accountability Report.
** “Too many building owners are cutting corners when it comes to emergency lighting, despite past tragedies,” reported 18.02.21:

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