5 Mistakes to Avoid During CCTV Installation

Protecting your business and its clients, products, equipment and teams is of paramount importance and security is one of the key considerations in doing so — one of the most common security products found at many facilities are security cameras. Having your office, store or business ransacked, looted or damaged by burglars or vandals is something no business owner wants to worry about.

Having closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras correctly installed is one extremely effective step on the way to eliminating this concern. Business CCTV helps provide a high level of security — not only will you have documentation of the persons responsible for breaking into your business, but that little blinking light is often enough to discourage aspiring thieves and make them look elsewhere.

The installation of CCTV cameras and subsequent testing and maintenance to ensure they are work properly and efficiently is extremely important. Here are five mistakes to avoid:

Poorly Positioning the Cameras

CCTV cameras can’t do their job if they can’t survey the right places! Having poorly positioned cameras provide blind spots for thieves to use to their advantage. You won’t be able to watch events properly unfold if there’s something obstructing the camera’s view or if it’s simply at a disadvantageous angle. When installing your cameras, make sure that you avoid places directly exposed to sunlight or zones that are blocked by trees or internal posts / walls etc…

Purchasing Low-Quality Cameras

While it may be tempting to save some money and buy cheap cameras that work well enough to record the activities around your business — these cameras can actually cost you more money in the long run. A low-quality camera will have poor resolution and weatherproofing along with an inadequate lens.  They become costly to maintain and do not give the clarity you will require when really needed. Invest in high-quality cameras that will in turn save you a lot of headaches.

Infrequently Maintaining the Cameras

Like all equipment, your CCTV cameras will need to be regularly maintained. This will make sure that it’s up to date and smoothly functioning, providing you with clear and continuous surveillance footage. If you forget to inspect the condition of your camera, it may fall into disrepair, which can make accidents or break-ins incredibly difficult to resolve since the camera may not have recorded the incident correctly.

Having a Limited Number of Cameras

If you have a large scale site to survey, you’ll need enough cameras to cover all bases. Simply having one or two won’t cut it—you’ll want to make sure that you have all points of entry monitored so that if something goes awry, you can pinpoint the exact location and time it occurred. While it may add a little more to the cost, purchasing enough CCTV cameras to comprehensively observe your business will enhance your security.

Not Hiring a Professional

If you’re a small business, you’re likely to find ways to save as much money as you can. This might lead you to considering installation of the cameras yourself or choosing the cheapest prices and products. Hiring a professional to install your CCTV cameras will ensure that the system is correctly installed, with the right cables, and optimal positions that enhance your security.

Making sure your business is safe and secure will always be a top priority. Putting ample safeguards in place, like CCTV cameras, will help protect your business and give you peace of mind. By avoiding these five mistakes, you’ll get more out of your CCTV surveillance equipment, helping keep your business safe and sound.

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