2022 Security Industry Forecast: Challenges, Opportunities and Predictions

The security industry emerged from the potentially crippling business impacts of a pandemic better than most. Whilst – as we have been warned – we are not out of the woods, 2022 is an opportunity for growth. Here at Amthal, we are quietly confident.

We are not as bold to deny the stumbling blocks. By example, the industry’s ability during the pandemic to quickly respond as certified key workers to massive shifts in business practices during lockdowns and successfully support the challenges of a remote workforce was admirable.

We can expect fallout and disruption to continue the longer pandemic, supply chain issues and skills shortages to persist.

But putting this also into perspective, in 2021, Amthal last year celebrated 21 years since we were established. In that time we have grown from a company of just two, to a team of over 50 members, coming through recessions and even growing through the pandemic, embracing smart technology and high-end partners to join us on our journey. This year, we won’t let anything distract us from all the progress we have made.

Here, I have picked out the reasons why I believe 2022 will be a great year for the security and fire safety industry.

Video Surveillance

The video surveillance market is consistently growing more than most due to rising concerns for security and safety. Many businesses are finding they can use their video surveillance beyond safety, loss prevention and liability.

The challenge comes from actually making that happen — there’s a lot more work that needs to be accomplished before we’ll see an easy, mainstream adoption of technology solutions and suppliers as one total solution.

Even with access control, a lot of this comes down to deeper integrations. The biggest challenge to overcome is that customers want an integrated system, but don’t want to pay additional fees or worry if the pieces will work together cohesively.

Integration & Total Solutions

Systems integrators will have the unique challenge this year of keeping up with new updates and technologies in product solutions.

As more systems begin to integrate, we must constantly learn and adapt. Monitored services providers will see increased demand and should expect multiple sources of alarm indicators to have positive effects improving the overall reliability of security systems.

Amthal presents an all-encompassing solution, enabling our team to work with customer’s right from initial design and specification through to project completion, using a complete smart product portfolio, integrated as required. Even after work is complete, we are able to offer maintenance and 24 / 7 / 365 monitoring so that if any issues can be resolved.

This peace of mind in one total solution and service provider, after such a long period of uncertainty, is what customers need to ‘protect what’s precious.’

Cloud Based Technology

Demystifying implementation of the Cloud and simplifying the technical aspects and value proposition is a change, challenge and opportunity. Video, as well as business operations data storage needs, is stronger than ever before, especially concerning cybersecurity hacks that compromise operational capabilities.

SaaS will be supported by simpler access to the Cloud, and automation is about more effective AI development that trades programming for deeper learning and actionable responses.

Open Solutions

The biggest technological changes that will present opportunities and challenges are enhanced processing power at the edge with deep learning capabilities, and increased development around open platforms.

These changes will create obvious business opportunities. Customers will increasingly demand more open, agile and intelligent solutions. However, the industry will be challenged to respond quickly to these market demands.

Manufacturers and application developers must keep pace and systems integrators will face a learning curve when it comes to delivering new solutions.

Security as a lifestyle

From a residential perspective, with AI and other offerings starting to catalyse, in 2022, we are going to see more new entrants and concepts. This will have impacts over the definition of a smart home and its complexity and ability to control every aspect of our home. Of course, the other essential component is the link to fit today’s mobile-centric lifestyles.

Access Control

Monitoring occupancy and space utilization will remain a top priority across many markets in 2022. Within months of the pandemic, businesses were deploying different solutions to track occupancy in their buildings and control social distancing. Almost two years later, this trend is still growing.

What’s shifting is the understanding that these solutions now go beyond health and safety objectives. More organizations recognize how much occupancy management, can benefit their operations and business.

For instance, monitoring queues in places such as airports, stores or stadiums can reduce wait times, optimize staff scheduling and improve the customer experience. Corporate offices are also catching on to this trend, considering how to best optimize their workplaces as they give employees the flexibility to split worktime between home and office.


Amthal has a rolling recruitment policy to welcome exceptional talent to our team. Whilst experience from within the security industry is a benefit, we do not see it as essential to grow our team to meet the needs of the 2022 savvy security-conscious customer. We can grow from within our multi-generational workforce to overcome the industry wide skills shortage.

Within this we are constantly looking at how culture and ensuring we are staying current, relevant and innovative, including raising our sustainability values to meet today’s requirements. It’s only on this constant review basis, can we look to grow, promote from within and seek to achieve our growth goals.