Supporting National Home Security Month

Amthal is supporting this year’s National Home Security Month (NHSM) to help raise awareness of home security amongst homeowners, especially prevalent in a year of so much uncertainty.

NHSM is an annual campaign that runs throughout October and this year is themed: ‘You call it home; we keep it secure’. The campaign offers advice, breaks down technical jargon, and debunks security myths for consumers across the UK, all whilst helping to drive demand for security products nationwide.

Recent statistics have shown that around 76% of domestic burglaries are made via a door, with a forced lock and an unlocked door being the top two most common methods of door entry. And further, the amount of burglaries which take place while someone is at home has crept up to 64%. 39% now happen during daytime.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal Fire & Security: “Our homes have been our safe place through COVID19. With increased remote working, they have further morphed into becoming the centre of our world, where we live, work, raise our families, and fulfil our entertainment needs.

“NHSM provides a timely reminder of the need to protect our homes and what’s precious to us, especially in line with latest crime statistics, and that thefts tend to increase during autumn and winter months. It shows that going right back to basics including door security is just as important as having an alarm or indoor and outdoor cameras.”

Amthal’s top tips for home security:

Go Back To Basics
The latest statistics show that more than a quarter of people don’t lock their doors when they were home. The increase in access through a door, when it is unlocked together with the numbers happening during daytime, show how homeowners need to be cautious all day long.

Simple tasks like locking doors and windows on both homes and outbuildings can significantly reduce the risk of being burgled. We’d urge everyone to get into the habit of locking up, even when at home.

Don’t Be A Dummy
As technology has advanced, burglars have also attempted to stay one step ahead to ensure they can avoid being caught. Dummy alarm boxes may look enough to the naked eye, but a burglar will see straight through it, especially if they have been watching your movements to determine when to attack.

Ensure your alarm system is professionally installed and maintained to offer the best protection. And best to choose a branded panel so that any opportunist can see your home is actually monitored and there will be a response should your alarm be triggered.

Be Visual
CCTV and visual verification is the biggest deterrent for intruders. Despite this, only 14% of UK adults say that they have cameras installed at home. Obvious security features will put off any perspective thief, because they will be aware the technology might send an alert to the owner’s phone to let them know they are being burgled.  The footage also acts as potential recorded evidence that will go against them in court and get them prosecuted.

Hide It All
Smaller belongings, such as laptops, cash, mobile phones and jewellery are now the most commonly stolen items in domestic burglaries. Keeping them hidden and as difficult to find (for the opportunist burglar) is the best way to ensure their security. Burglars will not want to risk being caught searching your home, especially with increasingly sensitive sensors and flying security cameras!

Think Smart
A third of adults already have a smart doorbell and 33% own app-controlled exterior cameras. These are great investments, but only if installed correctly to ensure they provide the expected level of protection. They also work to provide added peace of mind for your neighbourhoods and communities to capture any wrong-doing.

Jamie concluded: “Now is the time to act when it comes to home security, ensuring we can endure this year’s winter months, at least with the knowledge that our home is safe and secure, even if restrictions continue on going out and social distancing. We can do all we can to ‘protect what’s precious.”