Security in Retail: Safeguarding in the Face of Escalating Crime and The Role of Facility Managers

Whilst retailers are clinging to the 2023 Golden Quarter as the light at the end of the tunnel following a difficult year, many are still grappling with the need to protect against the crime epidemic surging through the sector. 

To seek total security in retail, Facilities Managers are increasingly being pulled in to assist other officers and senior management, playing a pivotal role in implementing essential protective measures in-store(s.)

Retail Crime Epidemic: A Growing Concern

Forecasts predict that the value of retail theft will reach £7.9bn in 2023, with shoplifting accounting for £4.7bn and employee theft at £3.2bn.

Partnerships between retailers, the Police and the Government are important but, given the scale of the challenge, companies must take steps of their own to ensure the safety of staff, customers and to minimise inventory loss.

Amid this retail security crisis, proactive measures are essential to curb theft impact and create safer environments, all without impacting the welcome experience for staff and customers.

While dedicated security teams handle the primary responsibility for security, Facilities Managers can play a pivotal supporting role. The focus is on implementing integrated security solutions that seamlessly blend into the retail space.

Working with security partners, like Amthal, a comprehensive risk assessment identifies vulnerable areas, allowing for the strategic integration of video surveillance, access control, and intruder alarms.

For this to occur, a holistic retail security system and approach requires a greater awareness of security issues and active involvement in security delivery across the organisation. Embracing integrated opportunities of:

Facility Managers can monitor real-time security activity, respond instantly, and contribute to reducing the likelihood of criminal incidents. Ongoing maintenance and integration with building management solutions enhance operational efficiency in regards to security in retail.

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Amthal’s Ongoing Support for Retail Security

Amthal commits to supporting retail teams with essential loss prevention efforts. Beyond traditional security measures, Amthal embraces innovative technologies for guaranteed compliance, such as AI-enabled cameras and intelligent voice-down solutions. Continuous investment and development in our people, enables us to deliver excellence for our customers. 

These technologies provide real-time alerts, track product movements, and trigger proactive security measures.

Amthal ensures that implemented business security solutions comply with relevant standards and regulations and empowers Facility Managers to create resilient and secure retail environments.

By combining innovative technologies, tailored solutions, and ongoing monitoring, Amthal addresses the challenges of retail security proactively. The goal is to shape a secure retail landscape that incorporates deterrence, detection, and industry-wide collaboration. The focus is not just on the present but on shaping a secure future for retail. As one of the nation’s trusted security and fire protection partners, we have over 20 years of experience in providing expert security compliance to businesses. To find out more about our services, contact us through our secure client portal, or enquire online.