Securing Government’s School Rebuilding Programme

The £1 billion first phase of the school rebuilding programme was announced last year. The government has said it will deliver 500 such projects over a ten-year period, but future funding amounts won’t be confirmed until the next spending review.

The DfE said the first 50 projects will “create modern education environments, providing new facilities from classrooms and science labs, to sports halls and dining rooms”.

Construction on the first rebuilds will start in the autumn, and the government has said the majority of the 50 are “expected to be completed within three to five years”. This is alongside a separate fund allocated for repairs and upgrades to schools and an announcement of 21 new free schools to be built.

Says David Williamson, Amthal Fire & Security Sales Manager: “This is welcome news at a time when the school environment has shown to be of such importance to our young people. Described as a transformative project, it promises state-of-the-art facilities and a focus on sustainability to help meet the Government’s net zero target.

“It is essential for the investment to be protected and we are looking forward to working closely with schools right from the early design stages to ensure the pledge to ‘build back better’ after the pandemic is completed, up to latest standards for fire safety and security.  This way, the new facilities on completion can be enjoyed safely by school children and local communities alike.”

Amthal’s experience in schools demonstrates our ability to partner with leadership teams, right from initial design stages to secure premises right from the perimeter to internal locker facilities, all with an aim to create safe learning opportunities, whilst supporting stimulating and creative environments for children, staff and visitors to enjoy.

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