Could professional surveillance ever go down the battery route for some applications?

CCTV and home surveillance, visual verification technology is recommended by Local Authorities and Police Forces.

It’s a major means of prevention of crime and one of the most cost effective means of providing deterrents, working with intruder alarms and lighting to prevent intruders and stop vandalism. It gives total peace of mind to the householder, knowing that their home is fully protected.

The increased popularity and attention placed on surveillance products in the residential market, especially with the smart automation capability, follows significant developments in commercial CCTV placement.

We are also seeing new opportunities opening up to use of surveillance equipment, whether it be to capture illegal dumping or anti-social behaviour.

For motorists as well, uptake on surveillance technology is increased to capture those using mobile phones whilst driving or breaking red lights.  In these situations, battery / Bluetooth / WiFi cameras will assist greatly.

So currently, battery operated surveillance technology does not have the required maintenance to allow for long term ‘professional’ programmes, relying heavily on stretched personnel to change the batteries and maintain longevity and quality. The issue is compounded by the increased risk of tampering and battery theft.

But with increased use, as we have seen across the security portfolio, it is perhaps inevitable that battery operated surveillance technology will evolve.  We are already seeing camera manufacturers claim that battery life can be up to two years.

After all, if you’d have asked if there would ever be a battery powered car or motorbike that could reach motorway speed, (or even get to the motorway without running out of power,) the answer would once upon a time have been ‘no.’  Now we have electric cars that can do 0-60 in 2.4secs and almost 200mph, and not even mentioning Formula E!

Extract from PSI Magazine Opinion, May 2019.  Comment by John Allam, Operations Director, Amthal Fire & Security