Preparing for a secure ‘new normal’ of office working

A new 2021 report*, looking at smart security trends, has found that leaders in corporate organisations have cited physical security solutions as more important due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The survey, which captured results from leading physical security and facility management professionals, explored the physical security impacts from COVID-19, 

specifically the challenges facing organizations as they faced extended lockdowns and now look to reopen their doors.

The survey also investigated how technology, Cloud and data utilisation trends are shaping the physical security landscape for 2021.

The main findings of the report, included:

  • 75% of respondents cited the COVID pandemic as increasing the importance of physical security to their organisation
  • 60% highlighted a more urgent need for immediate Cloud-based technology upgrades or are considering it in the near future.
  • 61% agreed that technology integrations was the most important goal for them this year.

The report, which conducted its survey between November 2020 and January 2021 found that nearly 30% of respondents did not have centralised security solutions in place and struggled during the pandemic to manage day-to-day operations.

An additional 26% indicated it is imperative to have technology that will assist in enforcing contact tracing, social distancing and healthy building compliance requirements. These trends will likely continue as more organizations prepare to bring employees, customers and students back to work and school full term in 2021.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal Fire & Security: “The findings of this report definitely follow the experience of Amthal as we have continued as critical workers through lockdown and COVID-19.  An experience that put security and facility managers in the position of needing to protect health and safety in addition to their usual responsibilities for people and physical assets. Businesses with a primarily remote workforce had to monitor and manage access to empty buildings that were more vulnerable than usual.  

“Looking ahead as offices begin to open up in line with the Government easing of restrictions, with blended working likely to become the norm, it is essential to have the smart physical security systems in place that will assist in enforcing contact tracing, social distancing and healthy building compliance requirements.  These trends will need to be achieved with organisations prepared to remain flexible and open to change, seeing how space is being used and being able to adjust their plans accordingly.”

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*75% of Orgs Say COVID Made Physical Security More Important, published 10 March 2021: