New Year Resolutions You Can Keep

As we enter the second week of 2018 – how’s ‘Dry January’ going for you? And did you sign up for that gym membership and actually do a session yet?

If your New Year’s Resolutions already look doubtful, do not despair. Amthal has put together a different kind, that can still make you feel happy and more fulfilled, whilst also protecting what’s precious.

Ready, Set, Go
If you don’t already have a burglar alarm, now is the time to consider investing in one.

UK burglary incidents rise by about 25% over the winter months, and peak notoriously before and after the festive period, when opportunists know we all have shiny new valuable items at home.

Having an alarm, together with security lighting and even Police recommended CCTV, not only shows your home is protected when you’re out, but also acts as a visual deterrent to opportunist thieves, who are likely to move on to easier pickings.

Get Appy
2018 will see the rise in adoption of app-based security systems. Homeowners want complete control over their home at the touch of a button. Who enters, when the alarm is set, even when deliveries are made.

But ensuring the privacy setting for any home security design, especially as technology becomes more wearable and mobile is critical, and vulnerable in the wrong hands.

Stay One Step Ahead
As more of us enter the brave new world of connected devices in the home – automating everything from lighting to security- it’s integral to protect our systems from cyber-attack and internet fraud.

It is not out of the realm of possibility that a criminal could access smart home data, and open garage doors, locks and other devices without ever physically touching the property. It’s already apparent in car crime.

Make It Visual
We’ve seen it coming with Amazon – the ability to see through an app if a delivery is being made and 2018 more such sophisticated video capabilities are on their way. At the same time, such advances can be an important security device.

New video doorbell capability and visual verification ensures genuine alarms of trespassing or burglary can be quickly notified to the appropriate Police authorities that can instantly act on image instruction, whilst false alarms can be ignored.

Love Your Outdoors
Yes, we realise the weather has been rubbish as we have been battered by storms and freezing conditions, but if the elements allow, make sure you give your garden some love.

Not only is it good for you, especially as we all look forward to spring, but also ensuring there are no hiding places for burglars will go a long way to keeping your home secure. And a well-preserved garden, also shows the opportunist burglar that you have a well looked after (and protected) home.