Amthal Supports National Strategy for Fire Safety

Amthal supports a new initiative launched by The Fire Sector Federation, calling to create a national fire safety strategy in the UK.

Underpinned by a white paper entitled, ‘Developing a National Strategy for Fire Safety’ the proposal sets out a possible pathway for the fire sector and government to work together to create a safer society, “one which goes beyond the current legislative proposals.”

The Federation is seeking Government support to ensure that fire remains a priority, allowing it to integrate policy across Government departments and devolved administrations and “make full use” of the specialist fire sector’s technical expertise to achieve success.

According to the Fire Sector Federation, there are three areas for immediate priority:
·       Raising competency,
·       Mitigating fire risk in modular and other buildings using mass timber and
·       Partnering with the construction sector to raise awareness of the potential fire risk posed by innovative new products and methodologies.

Targeted actions will revolve around people, products and performance, such as recognising the value of third-party assurance, managing innovation in construction to bridge the gap prior to regulation and working to build competence and fire risk assessment and awareness.

Says John Allam, Amthal Operations Director: “We’ve seen a raft of new legislation, policies and best practice guides launched as a response to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry, and it’s only likely to evolve further.  We have a duty of care and responsibility as an industry to stay at least one step ahead and work together to achieve the shared aim of a fire-safe society.

“In this respect, Amthal fully supports the vision to create a single voice.  The aim is to deliver an effective and resilient fire safety agenda aligned within a secure and sustainable environment.  Achieving this requires collective actions in both industry and Government, and this is right from assessing a fire risk through to a clear installation process, integrated where possible as a pathway to success.  Together, we can use our unrivalled knowledge and experience to define the route to better fire safety and ‘protect what’s precious.”