National Home Security Month 2019

Amthal is delighted to be once again be sponsoring National Home Security Month (NHSM.)

Our aim is to raise awareness of home security and the importance of taking precautions to protect your home.

The national campaign highlights the importance of neighbourhood safety and Amthal will be sharing NHSM 2019 seasonal tips and advice, highlighting a different element of home security each week of October, to let homeowners know how they can reduce their risk of being targeted by burglars.

Says Jamie Allam, Commercial Director Amthal: “We continue to support National Home Security Month to raise awareness of home security. We know every homeowner has different needs, but we are on hand to offer the latest security advice. This year is particularly prevalent with the focus on neighbourhood security so we can provide peace of mind our streets are safe and secure this winter.”

The focus of the 2019 campaign is to ‘bust the myths’ on home security and raise awareness of how neighbourhoods can work together, ensuring community streets are safe and secure during the winter season.

Week one 2019 aims to challenge any misconceptions surrounding home security and week two provides up to date security advice to protect homes. Week three and four aims to beat the burglar and provide the very latest smart solutions and associate standards available to achieve ultimate peace of mind.

The campaign wraps up the end of October with latest Police advice including keeping social media posts to a minimum whilst out and about for events such as Halloween ‘Tick or Treat’ and Bonfire Night, to deter burglars from potential attack.

Last year, it was reported that seven homes in the UK were burgled every minute over the course of a year*, with burglaries more likely to involve forced entry into unoccupied houses during the autumn/winter months.** Yet, surprisingly, 28% of UK adults still admit to taking no security precautions at home, leaving their property and loved ones vulnerable**.

For advice and exclusive offers on home security solutions and more information on NHSM, please visit

For the latest campaign updates and top tips, Amthal will be posting alongside National Home Security Month on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, #NHSM19.

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**Co-op Insurance