Hybrid Working – What Does This Mean For Amthal?

As we welcome 2022, CEO Jamie Allam looks at the opportunities for Amthal in the fire safety and security sector, when it comes to what the workplace and hiring landscape will look like at a top level and also continuing to introduce apprenticeships into the business.

One of the top trends that Amthal, and many of our partner workplaces will be looking at is our version of hybrid working.

Says Jamie: “As we embrace our hybrid working model, we want to trust our people to make the right choices for themselves and our clients and want to give them flexibility and control in how they work across client sites, Amthal offices and home.”

Jamie added that while hybrid working had been in place for many at the company beforehand, this largely depended on what part of the business employees were in. Going into 2022, Amthal will be moving forward, adopting a more integrated and harmonious approach to hybrid working.

“We have a vision that there won’t be any set number of days that people will be required to be in the office. Instead, our focus is on facilitating meaningful connections and interactions, with collaboration at the heart of those,” he said.

“In addition to offering our people the flexibility they need, we hope a hybrid model will also increase the effectiveness of our teams and their learning, while limiting the impact we make on the environment by reducing emissions from travelling and commuting.”

Recruitment in 2022

As well as a changing workplace, 2022 will also bring a fresh year for recruitment. “As we strive to change, from our industry perspective, we had one of the best chances to reflect on our key worker support role in ensuring the safety and security of essential services, home and businesses, “ says Jamie.

And we need to add exceptional talent to our team to meet our growing customer demand, right from engineers through to sales and admin roles.   Within these roles, we are looking for individuals with a mindset and passion for solving our clients’ challenges.  Those that can understand the cloud era and can embrace smart product design.

Commitment to Apprenticeships

As part of this and our family culture, we chose from our early days to commit to an annual apprenticeship programme to encourage job-specific skills.  This is something we have invested in for the last 21 years and that has already proven its value in supporting the team. It’s something we will continue to support and grow as a business.

This decision has inevitably helped the business to adopt new innovations, understand modern methods of communication and embrace the new technologies available quickly and efficiently.  It has also built on the creation of our positive business culture upon which all our sustainable growth resides.

Within Amthal, it also allows a multigenerational approach to business, where more advanced engineers can learn new skills from generations entering the workforce and eager to make their mark.  Likewise, vice vera, key traditional skills can be passed on to enable project completions quickly and efficiently.

Says Jamie: “We genuinely believe that our commitment to the apprentice programme has also enabled us to find and nurture the best talent to achieve our customers’ requirements.”

Amthal itself is continuing its rolling recruitment policy, and is happy to receive speculative applications from the wider pool of industry talent. Jamie adds: “This approach supports our ambitious growth strategy and our ability to partner with new and existing customers.  We want to be involved right from initial design to project completion, maintenance and monitoring with a distinct ability to ‘protect what’s precious’ as we evolve from a pandemic status to the so-called ‘new normal.’”