How To Implement an Effective Surveillance Camera System

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems are an excellent investment for any business. They have the power to scare off intruders and burglars, deter criminals planning to carry out illegal activities, act as evidence that can help solve crimes, and monitor the activities in and around your premises. Because of their various benefits, many companies take advantage of them and have them installed in their places of business.

If you are considering using CCTV at your business or commercial site, here are some ways you can follow to implement an effective surveillance camera system:

Place CCTV cameras near hidden entry points

Burglars usually use hidden entry points to trespass, steal, or cause damage to your commercial property. Prevent opportunistic thieves from breaking and entering your place of business and watch those who enter and exit your premises by identifying and monitoring potential blind spots

Identify the best locations, heights and angles

Locating the perfect positions for your cameras will ensure you end up with the most effective surveillance camera system. To get the best camera views and avoid creating blind spots, it is often wise to place cameras in the corners of your buildings. Other potential areas where you can install cameras include entrances and exits, reception areas, stock rooms and warehouses. Also, feel free to discuss with your CCTV installers about the best height and angles to ensure the effectiveness of your camera surveillance system.

Use the appropriate security cameras

Security cameras come in a wide variety of types. Make sure to talk with your CCTV installation company to identify the most appropriate cameras for your property. Consider installing fixed, wide-angle cameras in strategic locations to view a large area.Take advantage of software that can connect your pan–tilt–zoom cameras (PTZ cameras) with your wide-angle cameras, and join these together with a reliable alarm response system. This way, you can identify motion through your wide-angle camera, use your PTZ camera to turn and zoom to record your preferred area, and notify your security officers or contractors about any suspicious activity.

Consider your lighting

The key to getting clear images in your camera is to have an adequate and consistent amount of light, especially when you are using a night-vision capable CCTV camera. This is particularly important to ensure that your cameras are able to pick up details accurately, including facial features. Ask your CCTV installation company about the lighting requirements of your security cameras. Be mindful also about the number and placement of your lights and take note of the inverse square rule, which means requiring four times the original light if you double the distance to the subject being lit to eliminate silhouetting and to avoid bad quality footage.

Installing a CCTV surveillance system can be costly, but it is a great investment that can help protect your business in the long run. Take note of all the tips listed above and hire only reputable security camera installers like us for your peace of mind and convenience.

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