How is the world of security resilience and technologies developing?

According to the latest Security Systems Market Report:* The Security systems market is a dynamic and very highly growing market in terms of wireless industrial security, electronic security, smart devices (smart cards, smart locks and alarms), connected home security and Asset tracking.”

“More and more devices being connected under IoT and enablement of remote connection is another driving factor for Security systems market.”

The security industry is fast paced and entering an exciting period of transition.  With smart solutions having promised so much for so long, technology is now integrating together to present opportunities to maximise their impact.

In commercial settings, intelligent buildings and corresponding management systems, are quickly evolving to create smart workspaces.  These now embrace flexible working and ‘freeflow’ spaces to encourage productivity, collaboration and growth in a safe and secure environment.

In our homes, we are increasingly taking advantage of smart alarms, CCTV, video doorbells and visual verification. Especially with the constant news references to budget cuts in Police Forces and lack of priority given to resolving burglaries.

The continued rise in opportunities in smart home technology is clear.  We are now entering the voice-assistant era, where wireless controlled devices has bridged the technological gap, enabling users to more easily access the benefits of home automation solutions.

A threat to such advances in home automation is the continued concerns over privacy.  Whether voice-controlled systems are ‘listening’ in and smart devices are storing too much personal information.

It is up to defiant security companies to illustrate the advantages of smart security, whether in a commercial or residential setting.  And to work on the premise of choosing professional installation over DIY solutions, considering all aspects from price point to design and integration capability.

But it’s also up to the sector to take responsibility and adapt its workforce. To welcome new skills and potentially create new roles. To look outside the traditional skillsets to increase balancing experts in security installations, with new generation ‘mobile-first’ mindsets.

In summary, when it comes to latest technology, speed is of the essence to understand features and benefits.  It’s fair to say a product is no longer necessarily independent and often expected to be integrated.  It’s an essential consideration in the increasing preferences towards operating smart buildings.

For homes and businesses, a key aspect is security must fit today’s mobile-connected lifestyles. Specialists that succeed will be focussed on creating convenient systems that keep people powered, assets protected, safe and in view remotely through a dedicated smart app. And they will be able to install all of this with the right skillets available in their business.

Contribution by Jamie Allam to SSR Personnel, IFSEC 2019 Recruitment Partner (featured in IFSEC Global.)

* Security System Market, Key Players, Market Segments, Development and Opportunities by Forecast to 2023.  Published 09 May 2019, highlights can be found at