Have Yourself A Merry Crime-Free Christmas

We are on the final countdown to the big day. With Christmas just around the corner, after what has been a tough year for us all, we’ve laid out some top security tips to make sure Santa is the only one sneaking into our home.

Says Jamie Allam: “As we finally have something to look forward in 2020, it’s essential we remember home security. Traditionally burglaries increase by up to 20% over the winter months and this year, we have the extra stress of economic desperation and long-term unemployment which can lead to desperate measures. With such associated crime often being opportunistic, we’re urging homeowners to take extra precautions to protect what’s precious this Christmas.”

In conjunction with Hertfordshire Constabulary, Amthal offers the following advice to keep our homes and loved ones secure over the festive season.

Christmas all wrapped up
Keep all gifts secured in a secure place, and avoid leaving them in view of windows or doors. Even under the tree, make sure they are out of sight completely from any prying eyes.

On the big day, even as you do your gift-wrapping, make sure packing is unidentifiable when you throw it out. Opportunist burglaries will be looking out for any signs and easy takings of new stock!

And try not to advertise your new gifts on social media. You don’t want to create a catalogue for burglars to choose from.

(There’s no place like) home for the holidays
If you are venturing out safely during the relaxation of the tier systems this Christmas, especially late afternoon / early evening as the prime time for burglary, it’s a great idea to have ‘dusk to dawn’ external lighting installed.

Giving your home the look and feel of someone being present will instantly make an opportunist burglar think twice. Whether using smart home automation or time switches to control your internal lights, and keep radios on and a simulated TV

I wish it could be Christmas Everyday
If you haven’t already, install an intruder alarm in your home to act as the perfect ‘security guard’, watching over your property, not just for Christmas, but whenever you’re not there.

Ensure your alarm system is professionally installed and maintained to offer the best protection. And best to choose a branded panel so that any opportunist can see your home is actually monitored and there will be a response should your alarm be triggered.

Don’t leave your Home Alone
CCTV is now the biggest deterrent for intruders. Obvious security features will put off any perspective thief, because they will be aware the technology might send an alert to the owner’s phone to let them know they are being burgled. The same is true for digital door bells.

The footage also acts as potential recorded evidence that will go against them in court and get them prosecuted.

Mistletoe & Wine
If you do venture out, even for a socially distanced outdoor party by your home, make sure all windows, upstairs and downstairs and even the smallest are locked and secure. Also don’t forget to fully engage the front and back door locking features. It only takes a second for burglars to break in and enter and leave devastating effects.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
At this time of year sheds are often used to store larger Christmas presents such as bicycles and power tools. As well as a great place for burglars to stock up, if left unsecure, sheds can also prove ideal to find some handy tools such as a ladder to aid their break in attempts to your home. Make sure bins are also put away to avoid becoming climbing aids to gain access to upper floor windows.

Jamie concludes: “Although we may not be able to celebrate Christmas ‘as normal,’ we still hope this year’s festive season will bring some much-needed quality family time. With just a few extra home security precautions we can all ensure we enjoy the most wonderful time of the year together.”

To stay up to date Hertfordshire Constabulary has a dedicated Neighbourhood Watch available for alerts and advice.