Fire & Security Engineer Careers: Bridging the skills gap and preparing for the future

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, security and fire safety have become paramount concerns for individuals, businesses, and communities alike.  

With the expectation for advanced, smart and integrated solutions, there is a need for Fire & Security Engineers, installation teams, technical and sales to understand the fast-evolving technology to stay one step ahead.

With over 20 years of providing expert fire protection and security compliance, Amthal is proactively addressing the issues by implementing strategies to attract fresh talent into the industry. These initiatives for our fire and security jobs focus on carving out individual career paths, whilst maintaining a committed, competent workforce.

Addressing the Skills Gap

Education and Training

Investment in education and training programs is essential. This includes formal education, professional certifications, and on-the-job training. Collaboration with colleges and industry associations can help provide the necessary skills.  

Amthal continues to offer training, with the introduction of accredited CPD seminars, designed to help professionals keep up-to-date with the latest technology and expectations for compliance with the latest standards and improve their knowledge and skills. 


Both the founding partners of Amthal, together with CEO Jamie Allam started their careers as apprentices.  A quarter of the team started with Amthal in the same vein, and are now reaching senior management positions.  

The opportunities for engineering, sales, and technical apprentice roles in both fire safety and security are available through comprehensive apprenticeship programs, linked with specialist sector training.

Mentorship Programs

Pairing experienced professionals with newcomers can help transfer knowledge and expertise. But equally, it’s a chance for newcomers, who more readily embrace smart and integrated solutions to share their knowledge. Amthal has seen success in the creation of a skilled, multi-generational workforce.

Industry Collaboration

Collaboration among industry teams and different partners can help identify and address the specific skills needed in the field. Amthal constantly looks to invite partners to demonstrate the latest product solutions for our team to embrace and offer to our customers.

At the same time, we make it our mission to guarantee compliance, ensuring we are linked and exceed expectations for industry bodies, to achieve the highest standards and accreditations. That’s why we are accredited by SSAIB, UKAS and BAFE.

In fire safety, our dedicated fire specialists understand the very latest legislation and its implications for working to support Responsible Persons. 

Encouraging Diversity

Encouraging individuals from diverse backgrounds to join the industry can help bring fresh perspectives and a wide range of skills.

Recently, Joel Brookes joined Amthal as a Sales Executive with no sector experience.  Joel adds: “My journey here has been a continuous learning curve. I came with no industry insight, but with a commitment to training, mentorship, and learning from experienced colleagues, I’m grateful for the opportunities that have helped me grow both professionally and personally.”

How Are We Addressing the Skills Gap at Amthal?

Amthal is not alone in understanding this and recruiting to achieve customer expectations for total protection, incorporating compliance, style and design. And yet like many, is facing the issue of a shortage of people seeking out the industry, whether as an apprentice or in more senior roles.

Our CEO, Jamie Allam: said: “Over recent years, the increasing skills shortage in the security and fire safety sector has got significant attention. The industry faces a pressing issue: a shortage of qualified professionals emerging from colleges or not receiving in-house training. Many Fire & Security Engineers currently in the industry, are either too multi-disciplined to specialise or struggling to keep up with the pace of technological change.

Recruitment in our industry is no longer just about looking within to upskill but also thinking differently.  We have recruited from outside the industry with the aim of offering the necessary education, training and leadership mentoring to develop individuals and tailor their opportunities with Amthal to achieve career ambitions.”

Preparing For a Safer Future

The skills shortage in the security and fire safety industry is a pressing issue, undoubtedly with its challenges. 

Amthal recognises the urgency and has made it our mission to be part of the solution. 

As one of the nation’s trusted security and fire protection partners, we are committed to developing strategies that create a culture of continuous learning and growth. Our dedication to encouraging new generations to join the sector, promoting apprenticeships and maintaining a committed and competent workforce is at the heart of our approach. 

Investment and development in our people, enables us to deliver excellence for our customers. Through  training, and mentorship programs, we aim to bridge this skills gap and ensure the security and fire safety industry remains a viable long-term career, with a real opportunity to make a difference in our ever-evolving world.

Working at Amthal

If you’d like to learn more about our fire and security jobs, and what it’s like to work at Amthal, view our current vacancies or contact us today.