Emergency Lighting Testing Frequency: How Often Should You Be Testing?

Emergency lighting is a vital part of any building’s fire safety procedure.

If you experience a power cut, emergency lighting is designed to come on automatically to help provide necessary illumination.

Its primary function is to help avoid people panicking and lead them towards emergency exits safely and calmly.

Different Types Of Emergency Lighting

There are various types of emergency lighting, including:

  • Emergency escape lighting
  • High-risk task area lighting
  • Standby lighting

You can read more about these various types on our Emergency Lighting page.

Of course, deciding on which kind of emergency lighting to use can depend on several variables. These include things like the design of the building, the nature of your business (and what activities are carried out within it), as well as the needs of the occupants themselves.

Emergency Lighting Testing Requirements

So, how often should emergency lighting be tested?

The frequency of emergency light testing can very much depend on individual systems (which Amthal can help advise on).

But – as a general guide – you should be looking at getting your emergency light systems checked monthly, with an annual ‘full duration’ test.

Monthly Emergency Lighting Tests

It’s vital to test all emergency lighting systems monthly.

These are commonly known as ‘Flick Tests’.

It is essential to check that the LED light is on, use the test point and ensure that the light works.

A record of all monthly tests must be kept, including any faults which will have to be reported to the Responsible Person.

Annual Emergency Lighting Tests

You are required to have a 3-hour emergency lighting test once a year.

When you do so, your primary light circuit must be switched off and your emergency lights left on for three hours in line with BS5266-1:2016.

Any defects should be reported and resolved as soon as possible.

A competent person must carry out this test.

Annual tests can be done in addition to monthly tests – don’t choose one over the other.

Emergency Light Testing From Amthal

If you have – or are thinking of installing – emergency lighting in your building and need assistance with testing, Amthal’s team of experts can help.

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You can also find out more information about emergency light testing, including who can carry it out and the legal requirements.