EMCS fire safety testing for total peace of mind

Amthal’s alarm receiving centre, EMCS is reminding all customers to make sure weekly testing includes putting systems on test with them, to avoid false fire signals leading to disruption and delay for operators, key holders and emergency services.

EMCS is the largest independent alarm receiving centre in the UK, working in partnership with Amthal Fire & Security as an NSI Gold-approved company to ensure a rapid response day or night, and total peace of mind for our customers.

Says Jamie Allam, CEO Amthal Fire & Security: “Having a well maintained, modern fire alarm system is essential to a safe working and living environment. It is a legal requirement to run weekly fire alarm tests, and for our customers, who have fire monitored, by EMCS, we put systems on test before carrying out weekly checks.  

“This not only ensures compliance but also peace of mind that in an emergency all systems will operate correctly for the safety of people on site.”

There are 4 options available to put fire systems on test:

  • End User Smartest – by using their mobile phone they can put the fire signal on and off test and look at the logs.
  • Fire Test Desk – a secure, speedy telephone facility which allows callers to place sites on and off test and check the results via a virtual “operator”. 
  • Scheduled Test – you can schedule a fire test eg every Tuesday 10.00 to 10.30. The fire signal will automatically go on test at those times and an email will be sent to the customer confirming we received the signals or otherwise. 
  • Ring EMCS – the customer can call EMCS with a password to put on test and call back to check the results and take back off test. 

Ensure compliant weekly testing and fire alarm servicing with Amthal and partner EMCS.