Be Extra Safe To Ride The Storm

With the recession becoming a reality and true causalities of Coronavirus now apparent, especially with job losses and redundancies, Amthal is urging a sense of care and extra security, as crime levels are set to increase.

It was one of the few good pieces of news during lockdown, that most criminals found things harder when everyone was staying at home.   Police recorded a 37 per cent drop fall in burglaries, vehicle crime, personal robbery and shoplifting.

Now, industry figures are citing this as the calm before the storm, concerned that ‘mass unemployment’ resulting from the UK’s coronavirus outbreak will have a devastating impact on society, with the potential to lead some to take desperate measures and turn to crime to support family and lifestyle expectations.

Says Jamie Allam: “The fallout from the Coronavirus is now being felt, and with so many sadly losing their jobs across the UK, often completely unexpectedly and at no fault of their own, past experiences shows us that this can lead to an increase in crime, driven by economic desperation and the stress associated with long-term unemployment.”

“With such associated crime often being opportunistic, we’re urging homeowners to take extra precaution, especially in the lead up to winter when crime statistics naturally increase with dark nights.  But also, when out and about, in support of Police, there are measures that can be taken to ensure you make yourself less of a target.”

Amthal presents these hints and tips to stay safe and protect yourself against opportunist criminals operating in your area:

Be Prepared
Plan routes in advance, and tell someone where you are going to ensure your safety at all times.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Whilst we are all guilty of using our mobile phone whilst out and about, being aware of our surroundings is vital. And where possible, keeping mobile phones hidden from view can ensure you are less likely to be targeted. Same applies to keys and money, and keep bags securely fastened.

Music, Music, Music
With the advances in mobile technology and music streaming, alongside more sophisticated headsets, we would encourage use of older forms of headphones to present yourself as someone ‘not worth targeting.’

Lock Your Bikes
Always be aware on your bikes. With their popularity growing in lockdown it’s really important not only to stay alert whilst they are in use, but also ensure a proper bicycle lock is used if you leave them anywhere. It only takes a second to take and opportunists will be looking for easiest pickings.

Appear Confident
If you do venture out, look assertive and act and walk, or cycle with confidence. This will always make you appear in control and much less vulnerable.

Join Neighbourhood Watch
Take advantage of schemes such as Neighbourhood Watch to protect your own community. This will help to look after your homes and your communities during these uncertain times and beyond.

Trust Your Instincts
If you are walking alone, try to stick to busy places where there is a lot of activity, CCTV and good lighting. Try to avoid walking alone, especially at night, in places such as parks or any unfamiliar environment. If it doesn’t feel right, act quickly and decisively.

Jamie concluded: “This period is tough and has affected all of us in different ways. Look out for your friends and neighbours and offer support. It is difficult but many social media channels, including Facebook local area groups are staying visual and keeping crime down. At the same time, LinkedIn has designated ways to present recruitment opportunities. If we look after and out for each other, we can ride this storm. But in the meantime, we are urging everyone to take extra precautions to ‘protect what’s precious.’”